624 Mattress: 2022 Reviews & Buying guide

While investing in supportive mattresses, we often face difficulties in understanding which one would suit our need and requirement. There are different kinds of sleepers, like back sleepers, side sleepers, etc. So, we need to decide mattresses where our body alignment and comfort can be managed at the same time. 624 mattresses are a sign of brilliant design which can enhance the beauty of your bedroom. It is an extremely comfortable and durable quality mattress which is offered at a minimum price as compared to any other regular mattresses.

Weight Of The 624 Mattress

Weight of any mattress mainly is an inclusion of many factors like density, layers of memory foam, and the correct amount of the fabric in the bed. It means the more the weight is equivalent to more thickness of the mattress. Usually, the regular mattresses weigh around 40-65 pounds for any twin bed, and 120 – 165 pounds for queen and approximately 130-185 pounds for king beds.

624 queen sizes, the weight ranges till 32kgs and is portable for anyone to carry it anywhere they want to. The king-sized bed mattresses would weigh till 35kg, and for double-weight, it is around 28kg.

Thickness Of The 624 Mattress

624 mattresses are easy to carry. For the king size, the product specifications are 50cm*50cm*100cm, which can be easily fit in your bedroom. The thickness for queen-sized bed is around 26cm as compared to other regular foam mattresses. The high bed frame allows you to put it on the flat floor surface conveniently.

Height And Size Of The 624 Mattress

The approximate height of the 624 mattresses is 26.4cm. In the following table, we are presenting the size specification according to each bed length

For single bed – Width 92cm * Height 26.4cm * Length 188cm

For king-single size – Width 107cm * Height 26.4cm * Length 203cm

For Double bed – Width 138cm * Height 26.4cm * Length 188cm

For Queen size bed – Width 153cm * Height 26.4cm * Length 203cm

For King size bed – Width 183cm * Height 26.4cm * Length 203cm

There are many different Australian mattress sizes. It’s very important that you choose the right size to get the best night sleep.

Outer Cover Of The Mattress Specification

1. Kantec Textile Or Fabric

Inflexible Kantec foam has a dismantled cell construction which has the primary aim to decrease your partner’s movement while sleeping. A soft feel with a rapid drying up property makes the kantec fabric soak all the moisture from the individual’s body resulting in a night of comfortable sleep.

2. Under Surface Of The Mattress

The outer covering of the mattress is soft and has rapid drying quality. Easily changeable and can be washed in machines. The mattress arrives in regular colours of grey and white with a plush effect on the top covering. For better air circulation and cooling effect, the entire mattress is covered with a protective sheath. Amazing gripping points and fantastic ventilation properties are the main features of the fabric used in the design of the 624 mattresses. The flat surface of it allows you to keep it on the floor without any hazards.

Convertible Layers Of 624 Mattress

1. Preventive Layering

Thick preventive fabric is weaved inside the cover to generate an extra antimicrobial measure.

2. Natural Latex Along With Activated Charcoal 30mm

Natural latex gives you a comforting sleep while supporting all your pressure points nicely. In addition to this, the manufacturers have added charcoal to the mattress, which acts as a filter to absorb odour and impurities or other toxins from the air or the body.

3. Superior Density High-End Memory Foam 40mm

Above the latex, the foaming layer has an elevated density of 40mm. It helps you to sink in your whole body very smoothly inside the mattress without falling. Incredible gripping points and fantastic ventilation properties are the main features of the fabric used in the design of the 624 mattresses. The flat surface of it allows you to keep it on the floor without any hazards.


With an easy operatable firmness setting level, you can flip the upper foam layer over ranging for about 6 inches to 4 inches firmness level. This is a significant move to elevate the bed smoothly to align your whole body and get strong back support. The upper side of the 624 mattresses is made up of natural latex which provides medium firmness. Whereas the lower section is comprised of soft memory foam, which gives you a mushy feeling.

Support Protective layer

An additional support layer for protection is designed with antimicrobial properties weave covering on this mattress.

High Compressed Kantec Foam 190 mm

The Kantec fabric used in making the 624 mattress helps in easy removal of any disturbance created by partner till 100%. It means you won’t even feel their movement while sleeping. Natural air and moisture circulation can occur via tiny molecular constructions inside it. In short, a complete hygienic bed with proper temperature controls.

Detailed Review Of The 624 Mattress

Global Rating

The classy quality and the superb versatileness offered by the manufactures of 624 mattresses is creating a vast competition in the Australian market. Compared to other regular mattresses, this one is leading the chart because of its high-end quality.


The dual firmness level 6 and 4 are extremely beneficial for all kinds of sleepers. According to your feelings that you desire, you can flip the sides or layers while sleeping. For example, if you are a back or stomach sleeper, you can use the latex side as it will support your body more. If you are a side sleeper, the memory foam side will give you a soft and cozy feel. Latex material always works fantastic for supporting agent hence if you have anybody pain, it can surely give you ultimate relief. The superior density memory foam is useful for treating anybody sores in the sensitive areas of the body.

Spinal Support   

Though firmness level can be switched between 6 to 4 inches. It has been tested that the 4th level was much more supportive of the spinal cord of an individual’s body. 6th level is high raised, and a bit sticky, which doesn’t allow the body to align correctly. Again in this context, it needs to be mentioned that personal preference depends on the firmness level setting. Some of you might find a 6th level more comforting than the other one. Usually, rubbery feel doesn’t support the body as much as foam can do.

Quality Built

624 mattresses have a strong and sturdy built. NO matter how much it weighs less or average. The construction of the mattress has been made up of solid ingredients and holds the body perfectly.

Disturbance From Partner

When partner disturbance was tested on the 624 mattresses, to be very honest, it couldn’t do justice. Movements of the partner were experienced. Maybe the upper layer of the mattress was the issue which resulted annoying.

Cost & Warranty

Compared to regular mattresses, 624 mattresses are a bit expensive. The high quality of natural latex and foam is a bit costlier than similar single sized mattresses. Every 624 mattress comes with a complete guarantee for ten years with an entire replacement warranty. An additional 100-night trial free warranty is also provided by the manufacturers. In case within 100 days you feel you haven’t fallen in love with this mattress then a full refund will be given to you.

624 Single Mattress: $799 down to $499

624 King Single Mattress: $899 down to $599

624 Double Mattress: $999 down to $699

624 Queen Mattress: $1099 down to $799

624 King Mattress: $1199 down to $899

624 Mattress Shipping

Innumerous warehouses are located across the country for faster delivery of 624 mattresses. The metro cities include Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. The manufacturers have not only included free shipping but also two free pillow covers and bed sheets as complimentary. The whole bedding setup provided by the company ensures a good night sleep for happy customers.

Key Features

  • A high-end quality mattress
  • Trial period warranty of 100 days
  • The amazing reversible nature of the mattress can be adjusted according to your desire
  • Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial in environment
  • Natural Latex with activated charcoal incorporated 30mm
  • Kantec textile used as a fabric
  • A superior classy memory foam induced (40mm)
  • A light Inner cover mesh
  • Memory foam top layer with elasticity (190mm)
  • Changeable top layer
  • Fast delivery options
  • Two sets of pillow covers and bed sheets are complimentary


  • A high-end quality mattress
  • Renowned Brand
  • Easily portable
  • 6 to 4-inch firmness setting
  • Gives you a comforting sleep
  • Quick delivery
  • Better than a spring mattress


  • The disturbance or movement created by a partner while sleeping makes it shift a bit. This factor could have been improvised.
  • 624 mattress can be suitable for a single person and not for their partner
  • A bit expensive than other regular mattresses

How And Where To Buy?

If you have made up your mind to invest in 624 mattresses, then there are few options you can go for. The smoothest way is to buy it from the website directly. Fast delivery occurs with secure payments. You can also pay via Zip pay and After pay to make your payments.

How To Buy Online?

Various websites are offering different promo codes and special sale offer till $300 coupon code. At the end of the financial year, you might get a substantial discount. Of course, you can use both the debit/credit card option for payment.

Set Up 624 Mattress

Once 624 mattresses arrive at your doorstep in a compressed box, here are the simple ways to set it up

  1. Unwrap the mattress from the crate and keep it on a flat surface or bed.
  2. You can cut the plastic wrap around the mattress with a knife or scissors.
  3. The natural expansion of the mattress will occur within the next 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Please let the air come out of the mattress entirely for the next few hours.
  5. You can put a sheet under it.
  6. Adding the mattress topper on it can give you extra comfort
  7. You can place your pillows along with it.
  8. Reset your firmness options and enjoy a comfortable sleep.


Are 624 mattresses good for back pain?

Yes. The mattress is a pain reliever for all kinds of sleepers.

Where can you try the mattress for a trial period?

Try at your own home. During the 125 trial days if you have any complaints or you don’t like the product. It will be picked up, and the money will be refunded to you.

What is the Return Policy within 125 days trial period?

A 125-day free trial is provided for customers. It starts from the date of purchase and not from the date of order. While using it during the trial period if you don’t like this product, you can return quickly. For assistance, contact [email protected] The mattress will be collected from your doorstep no matter wherever you are located in Australia. A full money refund will be given to you. Usually, it is seen all the users have loved the product and have never returned.

How is the 624 mattress different from others?

There are various reasons why it is different. The main reason to opt for the 624 mattresses is the firmness setting from medium to soft quickly. This ultimately depends on your convenience and preference.

Are 624 mattresses cheaper at retail stores?

No, it is expensive at retail stores or markets. If you order it online, the middle man is disconnected. Hence, it is delivered directly to the customers faster. The best part is it can be shipped anywhere in Australia.

What are the fabric/components used in this mattress?

Quick-drying kantec fibre, an antimicrobial mess, 30mm natural latex foam, 40mm memory foam and 190mm kantec foam for preventing partner disturbance.

Which components are absent in this mattress?

Gel-based memory foams are not induced in the 624 mattresses. It is because; gel always ceases the air circulation and generates a heating effect. The air regulation of this mattress is to provide cooling temperature to your body.

No waterproof coating is used for making the 624 mattresses. Sweating is common in everyone. Waterproof coatings tend to lock the moisture and create excess sweat in the body. For quick and effortless transfer of moisture, the waterproof layers have not been incorporated.

You won’t find any spring design or coils inside the 624 mattresses. Presence of spring can give a bouncy effect and leads to uncomfortable sleep. Moreover, it makes the weight of the mattress heavy and awkward to lift when you shift the bed.

How to change the firmness setting?

You can swap the upper layer of the mattress and use it according to your firmness preference.

What capacity of the weight/ size can fit in the mattress?

Preferably, it is suitable for medium to lighter weight around 100-150kg per individual.

Can you recompress the mattress if it is opened from the box?

No, you can’t repack the whole mattress in the box after you have opened it.

Is the mattress suitable for any bed?

Absolutely, yes. In fact, you can place it on the flat floor surface as well in case you don’t have any beds

What are the ways to clean the mattress?

You can use little water and soap to remove any smaller stains on the mattress. The convertible cover can be washed in a machine.

What is the warranty period?

Every 624 mattress comes with a warranty of 10 years from the day of purchase.


624 mattresses have been designed to meet everyone’s expectation. The dual firmness setting can be beneficial for all kinds of sleepers, giving them maximum comfort. Presence of cushion layering can relieve the pressure points well. For side sleepers, a medium softness of the foam can provide a perfect body sinking effect. However, the mattress is suitable for lighter or medium weight individuals. You can try the 624 mattresses within the trial period and enjoy the benefits.

Still not sure if the 624 mattress is the right mattress for you? See our review and buying guide about the best mattress of Australia to see which our experts think is the best mattress of 2020.