Australian Mattress Sizes

When choosing the right mattress, while people consider the size, they don’t give price the entire credit it deserves. Merely selecting a large bed is not enough; there are different reasons and specifications which can tell you exactly which bed you need to buy with regards to the size of the bed. You must check on Australian mattress sizes available to decide which size do you need.

With changes in time, there are so many innovations that have been made to the size of the mattresses as well. Your good night’s sleep is influenced by the size of the bed, mainly. While there are people who say that a perfect mattress is a myth, it is not valid. With new advancements and detailing, you can find the ideal mattress size and enjoy your good sleep with space and comfort. There are a lot of aspects that are linked to the size of the bed, consider these to find the right size.

Why Is The Precise Size Of The Bed Important?

For mattresses, yes the size matters and it matters a lot. In understanding the different Australian mattress sizes, we need first to know why it is considering the size of the bed important. There are so many benefits that can come from a right-sized mattress, let us discuss some of these below to make you aware about why you cannot merely choose any large bed:

Body Heat

When you sleep, your body temperature falls.

Along with this, there is also heat that is released from the body, and it is this release that helps you fall and stay asleep. If you are sleeping in a cramped up space, there will be no space for the body heat to be released and regulated ethically. The mattress size should be adequate to allow the body heat to be monitored without any disturbance or hindrance.

Tossing And Turning

Do you toss and turn around in your sleep? What about your partner? If you toss and turn around in your sleep, you need a bed that facilitates that and if you share the bed with someone who tosses around, buy a bed with a size that does not affect your sleep when someone else turns around. A night of good, uninterrupted sleep has a massive impact on the next day, and hence you need to check on different sizes available.

Space On Mattress

Different people sleep in different positions. Some sleep straight and no movement while others stretch their legs sideways while sleeping. If you have a right, adequate size mattress, then you can peacefully rest in any position by utilizing the space on the mattress. The area is critical when you have a big family and have pets as well.


You spend a good 30% of your life on your mattress, and that’s a significant portion to be ignored for support. The most basic feeling you should get from your mattress is comfort. Size of the mattress will define your convenience. If you feel is dangling out when fully stretched, then that’s not comfortable at all. That’s an indication that you probably need king size mattresses for your comfort. For the material you need you can checkout our guides on memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses or pocket spring mattresses.

Quality Of Sleep

The quality of sleep is directly related to the size of the mattress. Good sleep is the one which is relaxing, uninterrupted, comfortable, and without any aches. If you have an appropriately sized mattress, then all of the above things are taken care of since it will be good-sized there will be no aches, and since there is proper space, you will not be interrupted by your partner’s actions. Good sleep is the most significant advantage of choosing the right mattress.

These are some of the essential advantages you get from choosing the right Australian mattress sizes. This does not even count for additional benefits like having a good morning, good mood, and a fresh approach due to good sleep and a relaxed attitude. Buying a mattress is an intimate experience, and you must not compromise on any aspect while deciding the correct one.

What Should Be Considered When Deciding The Size Of The Mattress?

Now that we know the fantastic benefits of excellent sized benefits, we also need to know how do we know the ideal Australian mattress sizes? We need to consider a lot of aspects while deciding on the dimensions of the mattresses. These factors will help you with a definite element of what size is the perfect fit for you. Let us take a look at some of these factors below and discuss the specifications for them:


What should be the height of your mattress? This will depend on who is going to sleep on the mattress. For example, if you need a mattress for kids, a twin bed seems like a great option because that would be ideal for the height of kids and with extra space available too. Now, this bed can’t be used for a heightened person; they would need a king-size bed. Height of the people sleeping on mattress should be considered, and the person tallest should be the benchmark for the mattress.


Do you need to figure out how durable your mattress should be? It will depend on the number of people that will be sleeping on the mattress and their combined weight. If the people are on the heavier side, the mattress needs to be sturdy like a super king while for lightly weighted people, then a queen size bed should also suffice. Weight should be considered so that the mattress lasts long and doesn’t give away.

Number Of People

Considering the number of people that will be using the mattress is a must. You need to consider what all should your mattress accommodate. You might want to have additional support and space for when the kids decide to hop in and sleep on with you, in which case you need a significant sized and firm mattress like a double bed. You could have pets that choose to lay beside you on the mattress. A single king mattress could be the optimum choice for you and your pet.

Size Of The Bedroom

You cannot order a queen mattress while your bedroom can only accommodate a single bed, always consider the size of the bedroom. You don’t want to be stuck with a mattress that doesn’t fit in your room, nor would you like a tiny mattress for a considerable place. Size of the mattress should be in tandem with the size of the room, and you should consider the changes that might happen in the upcoming future as well. Size of the bedroom is one of the mandatory considerations while deciding the size of the mattress.


Some people like the big mattress space, even when they don’t need it. Some people like double size mattress also if they are the only ones sleeping, so preference takes a priority in the size of the mattress. There might be a case where your partner likes a slightly firm mattress, while you prefer something soft and a hybrid can be possible if the size of the mattress is big and accommodating. So the preference of the person also weighs on the size of the mattress.


We might have a big list of things that we expect from a mattress. For example, you need adjustability. Special foam to avoid bed sores and other such things and all of this is available only in a king-size bed or a queen-sized mattress. In that case, you will have to choose either of those sizes or reduce your requirements. Availability, matched with your requirements, is a practical consideration that needs to be accounted for.

These are few of the factors which have to be paid attention to when deciding on the size of a mattress. You cannot choose the size of a mattress randomly as it is a long term decision, and you need the mattress for almost one-third of your day. A random pick is a disastrous solution for anything. You need to be aware and make a choice as per the preferences and answers to the factors.

Different Sizes Of The Mattresses

We have considered the benefits and the factors that affect the size of the mattress; now we need to know the various sizes of the mattress and their specifications so that you can zero down on your perfect mattress which is in line with the factors that have been stated above. Let us have a look at the various Australian mattress sizes along with their specifications so that you can pick the one you need:

Single Bed

Single beds are for younger kids and have a size of 92cms x188cms. If you have a kid and you need a mattress for his room, this is a great option. The mattress will be a perfect fit for the kid to sleep and will also leave space in the bedroom for remaining requirements of the kid. This is also a good option for students who are studying away from their parents and need their own space.


A twin bed is the same as a single bed but slightly more prominent. The difference between the single bed and twin bed comes in its width as it is 99cms x 188cms in size. It has a space for two kids than just one kid on a single bed. It could be used for the same purposes as the single bed, and generally, parents who have two kids tend to use a twin bed at their home for ease.

Twin XL

A twin XL bed is slightly longer than the twin bed. It has more height and is usually good for a kid to be used until high school. These types of twin xl beds are prevalent in dorms and hostels for the kids to sleep on. Twin XL beds are suitable for high school students as they can accommodate their increasing height as well.

Double Bed

A double bed has the dimensions of 132cms x 188cms, and this means that it can accommodate two average-sized people. Double beds provide spacious coverage and luxury for someone who sleeps alone and also an addition to adjusting the partner if needed. They don’t take up entire room space and are yet spacious and luxurious to sleep on. A double bed is also termed as a full bed at some places.

Queen Bed

A queen bed is a comfortable bed for two people with all the comfort and support. The dimensions 153cms x 203cms calls for luxury and space. The queen bed is the most commonly used bed by the majority of the people as it fits the room nicely and also provides beautiful space. The queen bed is comfortable for two people to sleep on without being disturbed by other persons tossing and turning or snoring.


A king-sized bed is the most spacious and luxurious bed. The largest of dimensions involving 183cms 203cms, these are broader than queen mattress. These are comfortable for people with a higher build and can fit 3 to 4 average-sized people and two taller build people. It is a luxurious bed and offers optimum support. It requires a lot of space in the room so that should be considered before it is bought.

King Single

The single king bed is an alternative to the single bed. This alternative is luxurious and spacious in size. It has dimensions of 106cms x 203cms, which means if a single bed is short for you, this bed is the perfect substitute. It fits one person luxuriously and can be used by singles as the best fit.

Super King

With the demands for more space, there have been mattresses called as super king which have the dimensions as high as 203cms x 203cms. These are the most luxurious of beds and provide maximum space. It is said that once you are used to this bed, you don’t like to sleep on any other mattress.


These are the few things which emphasize the importance and awareness of Australian mattress sizes and should help you to pick a perfect mattress for your use. Today, there are so many options that you don’t need to compromise on anything. With a little effort, you can make mattress buying a very pleasing and fulfilling experience.

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