Ecosa Mattress: 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Ecosa Mattress

While investing different mattresses, you might have got confused about the exact materials used in the bed or maybe how much it is firmer?

Well, we all go through these questions in our minds. Ecosa is one of the leading brands in Australia, which is evolving as an intense competition amongst the bedding market. Even expanded to different places in the world, including Us, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. Ecosa consists of three layering comforts comprised of open-cell technology for better air and temperature regulation. In this article, we will present a detailed review of the Ecosa mattress to give you a proper idea before your investment.

Construction And Built

The all-foam brand ecosa mattress can be shipped directly to your location in a box. The superb compatibility and natural adjusting settings, the mattress can be smoothly laid on the flat floor surface. There are dual covers in the mattress. Soft polyester is covered on the top, which is finely removable and can be machine washed. The next layer consists of a smart Waterproof German Tech Protector. It is moisture-resistant and can gather the body sweat and oils as well as all the specks of dirt and toxins.


Ecosa mattress is 10 inches with 3 in 1 technology of variable layers. All these layers are removable and can be flipped to get maximum comfort while sleeping at night. There are a lot of different Australian mattresses sizes. Picking the right size for you is one of tje most important factor when it comes to a good night sleep.

Weight And Thickness

Two people can easily fit in the ecosa mattresses. If the queen size mattress is expanded, it reaches a weight of approximately 35kgs. It arrives in a compressed box.  So when you open the ecosa mattress, it extends to 25.4cm of thickness at an average. Compared to other regular mattresses, it is very light and portable.

First Layer

The upper layer is 1.5 inches tall and consists of G7 memory foam. This well-treated material aligns with the shape of your body and does not result in body sinking.  Hence gives proper relief to all your pressure points while you sleep at night comfortably. To prevent the overheating, there is a gel technology which has been induced inside the mattress. The first layer is blue.

Second Layer

This medium layer is also known as Eco tex. It has been designed with an upgraded version of traditional latex. Constitutes 1.5-inch layering prevents your body to stick in the whole mattress without any hazards. The color of this medium layer is white.

Third Layer

The bottom layer is yellowish. All the extended channels in this layer are beneficial for the right amount of air regulation and maintain the temperature. A high-quality polyfoam for about 6.5 inches in induced for proper spine alignment and body support purposes.

Firmness Setting

According to the firmness scale, this brand falls under 7 out of 10. The versatility of the medium-firm mattress can be highly significant for various body types depending on their sleeping positions. You can change the firmness level from 1 to 10 to get a harder feel from softness. Whereas if you improve the layering from 8-9, you will get an even firmer feel.

The memory foam top layer has a slow sinking surface while aligning your body and relieving your pain. The other layers have a very less bouncy effect and can be fast in responding to any relief to your pressure points.

Different Sleepers Vs. Ecosa Mattress

For any combination of sleepers, this kind of layering is beneficial as you can choose different sides for a sweet sleep. Many back sleepers like neutral support on their back, for that the memory foam can give the medium feel. Hence if you are a back sleeper with lightweight, you can change the firmness setting to medium for a neutral alignment of your body with the mattress. It will prevent your body from unnecessary sinking.

Side sleepers find it helpful to lie on the softer setting because this can prevent their body weight from falling off. The delicate setting of the mattress can maintain a narrow side for a correct body balance. Again if you are on the larger scale of weight, use the rest of the two settings to get a cradle to feel.

Any stomach sleeper needs to align their hips properly while sleeping. The mattress design is such that it can correct any stomach sleeping posture by accurately aligning the spine and hips.

According to the manufacturers, the medium firmness setting is for every individual to 195 pounds approximately. It is one of the rare brands which can support the burdensome weighing individuals. For each side, 440 pounds is suggested, or in total it can be 880 pounds.

Partner Disturbance

Ecosa performs incredibly useful is the motion transfer feature. The medium or memory foam mattress captures the motion and never allows you to feel disturbed while you are lying or sleeping with your partner.

Support From The Edges

As compared to other regular mattresses, there can be some amount of compression which can be felt while sitting or lying on this mattress. The thicker base is sturdy and can support your body weight while you are sleeping.

Other Features

Variable Firmness Setting: Easy and smooth 3 level changes can be done in firmness at your home according to your preference. The only thing which you have to do is to flip the foam layers.

Trial Period: A luxurious offer for 100 nights trial is given to you. This means you can check the mattress for 100 nights and if it doesn’t suit your needs, return and get refunded the money.

Warranty: Escosa mattress comes along with a warranty period of 15 years

Shipping: Within the United States, the mattress is shipped free, and it can be returned quickly. It is also available in Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

Oeko Tex Standard 100 Certificates: The textiles which were used in the ecosa mattress are all tried out and tested at each stage while manufacturing the whole mattress. These checks were done to find out any presence of chemical toxins or other harmful substances in it.

Certipur US certified: The foams induced in the mattress have met the criteria of third-party regulations like materials used, e.g., mercury, lead, etc.

Cost And Dimension

Size:    Dimensions (inches)    Price (w/o discount)

Twin:     39” x 75” x 10”    $749

Twin XL:     39” x 80” x 10”    $799

Full:     54” x 75” x 10”    $899

Queen:     60” x 80” x 10”    $999

King:     76” x 80” x 10”    $1,099

Cali King:    72” x 84” x 10”    $1,099

Key Features

  • Three foam layering mattress
  • Adjustable firmness
  • Eco tex foam induced
  • Memory foam presence
  • Hypoallergenic in nature
  • G7 Memory foam layer
  • Gel particles composed
  • Better air control
  • Inner cover made up of Microfilament fiber
  • Waterproof 100%
  • Prevents dust 99%
  • Breathable mattress
  • Removable polyester cover
  • High-end quality
  • Free shipping
  • Trial warranty 100 nights
  • Extended warranty 15 years
  • Suitable for all kinds of sleepers


  • Easy and fast delivery
  • A renowned brand in Australia
  • Excellent durability and portability
  • Brilliant, supportive edge for all kinds of sleepers
  • Safe and non-toxic can never be harmful on you and your babies
  • Cooling technology incorporated well
  • All kinds of sleepers can be benefitted by using this mattress


  • Sagging issues were noticed after a few days of usage
  • Few customers also experienced inflation and the irregular surface

Frequently Asked Questions About The Ecosa Mattress (FAQs)

What and how is the return policy within a 100-night trial?

During 100 nights of the trial period, if you don’t like ecosa mattress then you can email the support service. A team from the Salvation Army will visit your house and pick it.

What is the result of the mattresses, once it’s returned?

Once mattresses are returned by you, Salvation Army team members collect it and distribute it amongst poor people who need it. Ecosa has donated around 2500-3000 mattress approximately to needy families both in Australia and New Zealand.

Which place is suitable for trying the mattress?

Anywhere in your home, you can try ecosa mattress. In case you have no bed, you can lay the mattress on the flat surface.

Why is Ecosa mattress less expensive online than compared to retail stores?

Like other regular mattresses, Ecosa doesn’t spend on other showroom or salesman costs. Ecosa doesn’t entertain any pushy sale for their product. So when you order it online, you get a fast and free of cost delivery at your doorsteps.

What are the steps to adjust the firmness setting?

Firmness adjusts the most effortless process in Ecosa mattresses. Mainly there are three interchanging layers that you can select based on your sleep preference.
First, if you want your body to sink in the mattress nicely and the body weight can be equally distributed without hampering the pressure points.
Then place the G7 memory foam layer in blue color above to get a medium-firm feel. Next to relieve your back and maintaining the whole body shape, place the Eco tex foam which is white above the medium layer of firmness. If you want a proper firmness where body stability should be static, then put the Ergonomic HD Breathable Support Layer which is yellow on the top.

Is being waterproof excellent or bad?

Everyone tends to release moisture from their body at night while sleeping. Either with temperature raises or due to thickness material of your blanket moisture release happens in larger quantity. Usually, traditional mattresses have a habit of locking the moisture, which results in allergy or bacteria on your body.  Ecosa has been designed with rapid drying and water-resistant technology. This feature prevents your skin from any and every dust particles.

What is the exact dimension of ecosa?

Each Ecosa mattress is 25.4cm (10 inches) in height. The length and width of the mattress are according to standard Australian dimensions, as follows:
Single – 92 x 188 cm
Long Single – 92 x 203 cm
King Single – 107 x 203 cm
Double – 138 x 188 cm
Queen – 153 x 203 cm
King – 183 x 203 cm
Super King – 203 x 203 cm

How to maintain or clean the mattress?

Ecosa mattresses can be washed in the machine. Before washing, please ensure that the water is at room temperature. If you prefer to use a dryer for drying purposes, maintain a neutral heat; otherwise, the fabric can melt or shrink.

How much can the mattress prevent from dust?

The German tech inner cover used in the mattress is waterproof in nature and dust-free to 99%.

What about the manufacturers of Ecosa?

Ecosa is mainly manufactured in an Australian based company. The other raw materials arrive from different parts of the world like Germany (90%), Japan (5%) and China (5%). The assembling of the products is done in China.

What is the weight capacity the mattress can hold?

Ecosa mattress can support a weight up to 300kg in total, which means the individual weight of 150kg.

Can you repack the mattress in the box?

No. Once you have unpacked it from the box, it cant be recompressed back again.

Is Ecosa mattress flip-able?

No. You can’t flip or rotate the mattress. There are convertible adjusting settings for the firmness level, which can be done by flipping the internal layers according to preference.

Is an electric blanket or heating pad safe for Ecosa?

Yes. You can use an electric mattress or heating pad on the mattress but do read the safety instructions before using it. Ecosa is fire resistant and comprised of silica socket. So in case any fire or burn happens, the sock might melt to cease oxygen flow.

When can the mattress arrive after ordering?

After any successful order of the Ecosa mattress from metropolitan cities like Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane; your mattress will arrive on the same day of ordering. If you stay out of metro cities, the order will take place within 2-7 days quickly.

Can you select a delivery date?

Of course, yes. While ordering, you can choose the dispatch date to be a later date. Mainly within 1-7 business days from the actual dispatch date which you choose, it will arrive. The weekend is not included in the delivery dates.

Can you change your delivery address after ordering?

No. Once you have successfully ordered the item and it has already been dispatched, then you can’t change the address. You can still contact the Dream Team for support; they will try their level best to help you.

Where is Ecosa shipped to?

Ecosa can be shipped at any place in Australia, New Zealand, United States, and Hong Kong.

Can courier boys help you to bring the mattress inside your house?

No. It is out of their rules and OH&S regulations.

How can you track your order?

To track your order details and status, you can use the online status on Ecosa’s website. For that, you need a tracking id that will be provided to you by the Dream team. If it’s the same-day delivery, you will receive an SMS on your phone from the dispatch team.

Can Ecosa be delivered inside islands off the coast of Australia?

No. It can be delivered at the closest depot from where you can collect it. Deliveries are restricted to Australia mainland only.

Which mode of payment is accepted?

Any debit or credit card is accepted by Ecosa. For example, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. No surcharges will be deducted from your transaction.

How can you get the refund money during the trial period?

After you file a refund, the Ecosa team will take your request before granting the amount. Once it gets approved, the refund will be done on your account which you had used while making the payment.
Ecosa doesn’t make any third party account payment. IT means after purchase if you have closed your PayPal, After pay and Zip Pay, then Ecosa can’t transfer the money to any other account. In short, you have to use the same account to get the refund amount, which you will use during purchase.

Do you need to keep the box after delivery?

Not really.

What are things checked when the mattress is returned after the trial period?

If you don’t like the Ecosa mattress, the team from Ecosa will take it back from you to send it for charity work. The mattress should be clean and should be without any rips, tears, or stains.

How does the trial period work?

From the date of purchase, the free trial period starts working.

For how long do you have to keep the mattress in the box when the trial period starts?

You can start using the mattress once the trial period starts. It’s your wish if you delay in opening the new mattress.

Can Ecosa dispose of your old mattress?

No. Ecosa suggests to everyone that if the old mattress is in usable condition, then you can donate it for charity to the needy families.

Can multiple codes be used on the purchase of one mattress?

Yes, you can use multiple promo codes for discounts. For further assistance regarding this, you may get in touch with the email support team of Ecosa.


Ecosa is a high-quality mattress bed, well famous in Australian bedding industries. The three layerings of foam can benefit all kinds of sleepers. Brilliant firmness setting level can suit your comfort easily. The best part is the free trial period during which you can try the mattress and check whether it can meet all your requirements.

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Ecosa Mattress