Ergoflex Mattress: 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

At times mattress shopping becomes a confusing and tedious task for all of us. While investing in any mattress, we should focus on comfort, budget-friendly, etc. a few options. Here, in this article, we are presenting a detailed review of a mattress named Ergoflex, which can give you relief during any spinal or back pain.


Ergoflex is a renowned brand of the Australian bedding industry for the last ten years.  The high-end memory foam provides an orthopedic technique pressure on your affected areas of pain and gives you relief. A beautiful combination of open-cell foam layering, which is highly durable in nature, is induced in the mattress. It acts as complete support for any sleepers while sleeping at night comfortably. For a smooth airflow and temperature control, a Tencel cover is also used in the mattress. The thick foam layers of the mattress can give you relief from any spinal, hip, or joint pains quickly.

Let us now get into the complete details of the structure and features of the mattress to understand the idea well.

Mattress Feel

There are three layers of foam and duo cover layers inside the mattress. It works to maintain the balance of the body correctly. So any sleepers can be benefitted from this mattress. Individuals who prefer medium-firm can comfortably rest their bodies in the mattress without getting thoroughly sink inside. It is highly suitable for individuals suffering from any medical back ailment or surgery.

When you sleep resting your back, your hips and spine need proper support. So the memory foam works like a cushion and gives full support on hips, back and legs. Hence it is helpful for back and side sleepers. The only disadvantage is for stomach sleepers. For them, the mattress is not favorable. When you sleep on your stomach, you need medium firmness. In case you are a light stomach sleeper, you will need an extra topper.

Edge Support

The presence of high-density memory foam can give firm edge support to your whole body. Hence getting out of the mattress without sinking much becomes easier. As compared to any other regular mattresses like latex mattresses or gel-based mattresses the supporting edge is much better in Ergoflex mattress.

Partner Disturbance

A minimum or no amount of motion transfer is the main feature of the Ergoflex mattress. When you sleep with your partner, no matter how much their movements occur, it is quickly soaked in by the mattress. Hence you can get a peaceful sleep without any partner disturbance.

Construction And Built

Memory Foam

Different mattresses are available online, which are made up of memory foam. These mattresses have almost the same features. Ergoflex is a superior brand that completely satisfies customer’s needs. The inner foam of Ergoflex is made-up of three foam layers. The upper layer has 5g super density foam. The open cell structure in the top foam helps in complete body alignment and support. It has a higher rate of durability. Specifically, this upper foam layer is designed for long term usage of the customer. The middle or second layer consists of a fresh sleeping layer. If you want to read more about memory foam mattresses you should head over to our article about the memory foam mattress or you can read our article about the pocket spring mattress.


The fresh layer helps in maintaining the airflow and controls the temperature. In any way, if the human body gets heated due to upper foam, the middle cooling layer keeps the temperature at a point producing maximum comfort. Finally, the third section is the high foam layer, which again maintains the body alignment nicely. No wonder the manufacturers have designed a high-end mattress quality due to its versatile design and you can get it in the most affordable price range.


All the foam layers have been covered with either a white or grey covering. The fabric used is Tencel. The specialty of this fabric is to produce a chilly effect on your body with a comfortable feel. Tencel is derived from botanic extracts and grants the hypoallergenic qualities in the mattress. Below the top layer, there is also a presence of microfine material, and it prevents all the other foam layers from damage.

Orthopedic Other Benefits

One of the salient features of any memory foam mattress is to ease any medical pain to ensure a good sleep at night. Ergoflex can be an appropriate mattress that provides you many health benefits. The cooling technology and the allergenic profit can help every individual to a large extent. Extra support from the memory foam and the reduced tension over your joints or spine helps the fast healing process.

Body Alignment

The smooth design allows you to rest calmly and gain back your energy, which you can utilize throughout the entire day. As per orthopedic benefits, Ergoflex keeps the body alignment correct and prevents any uncomfortable body strain while sleeping. If you are suffering from neck pain, fibrositis, or any back pain; this high-end mattress can meet your requirements.

Back Pain Relief

Few customers have reported that initial pain can be removed by sleeping on the Ergoflex mattress due to the intense spinal cord support. Very few users have complained that the stability of the mattress is not that great, and pain relief doesn’t occur ultimately.

Cooling Technique

Ergoflex can provide a soothing chilly experience due to the presence of Tencel cover and Airflow foam. Any warm sleeper, can get heat transmission on the thermal layers above.

Weight And Thickness

Ergoflex is one of the most excellent mattresses in the market. Even it is known best for its firmness feature. Being thin to look at first glance, the mattress has a thickness of 23cm. The density of Ergoflex is very high, and that is the sole reason which makes it heavy to lift. Once you order this mattress, it comes to you in a compressed box system. After opening it, you will notice the expansion of the mattress. Compared to other traditional mattresses, it is more substantial. So to flip or rotate the mattress, you might need another person to help you. However, you can easily adjust the mattress at any flat base level.

Price Of Ergoflex

As in comparison with other high-quality mattresses, Ergoflex is a better deal to go with. It is not available in retail stores because the owner doesn’t want to invest anything on the middleman. The price of the mattresses is not that significantly high. Here is a chart showing the price table according to different sizes?


Single: $859 – $688

King Single: $909 – $728

Double: $1199 – $960

Queen: $1349 – $1080

King: $1599 – $1280

Sleepers Vs. Ergoflex Mattress

For any side or back sleepers, the medium-firm is favorable. The verifiable memory foam can always prevent your body from deep sinking and corrects the shape of your body. If you are dealing with any kind of body pain, especially related to neck or back, you can opt for Ergoflex.

Key Features

  • An Australian bedding
  • Superior quality mattress
  • High-class memory foam
  • 5G mattress
  • Three memory layer
  • Medium-firm
  • Tencel outer cover
  • Viscoelastic 9cm high resilience impact foam
  • Refreshing airflow sleep technology-induced
  • Minimum partner disturbance
  • A medium firmness setting
  • 10-year warranty
  • 30-day trial applicable to mattresses only


  • Suitable for side and back sleepers.
  • Renowned brand
  • Affordable price
  • A satisfactory night sleep without any stress
  • Athletes find the Ergoflex mattress an ideal product
  • It helps to relieve you from back pain
  • The air temperature control is fantastic


  • Not much suitable for stomach sleepers.
  • According to a few customers, it is opined the mattress has not been able to alleviate back pain altogether, although they have acknowledged that initial discomfort can be relieved.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Ergoflex Mattress (FAQs)

Why invest in Ergoflex mattress?

Based on quality, performance, and price Ergoflex is an excellent deal to invest in. We will discuss the comparison with other mattresses in the following:
a) Comparison: Like the memory foam mattresses available in the local market, some online retailers don’t give you the facility to try the mattress. Ergoflex has omitted that part. They believe before investing in any product; you should try and check it.
b) Transparency: Few retailers never disclose the proper density of the materials used or even the components used in their mattresses. Ergoflex tries to be as much as informative and transparent regarding their mattresses with their product. So that customers can get a piece of proper knowledge before investing on their mattress. To know about the density of the foam used in Ergoflex, you can check the website and get a clear idea.
c) Quality: The 9cm 5th generation exceptional quality memory foam layer is the main constituent in Ergoflex. It is clinically approved and stated the higher the density of the memory foam, the better the support system. Another feature is its durability. The lower density mattresses may be low in price but result in quick sagging.
d) Price: Ergoflex is a better product to invest in due to the quality and brilliant performance which it delivers as compared to similar other products available in the market.

Does the mattress have any trial period?

Yes, Customer satisfaction is the prime aim for the manufacturers of Ergoflex. Keeping that in mind, the company offers a 30 day trial period. Like other bedding companies, 120 free night trial is not provided by Ergoflex. It is promised by the company if by any means you want an extended trial period from 30 days you can contact them and they shall assists you regarding this.

Can you return the mattress after the 30-day trial if you don’t like it?

Absolutely, yes. The company always supports the decision that buying any product online is a difficult choice. Hence a 30 day trial period from the date of purchase is allowed. During this period, if you feel the mattress is not up to the mark, you can return it without hesitation.
Without paying anything extra you can return the mattress from any metropolitan cities namely Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, and Sydney, as well as the Central Coast, and the Gold Coast.
Unfortunately, there are few non-metro areas which are not covered in the free return policy. A low minimum cost while returning the product is involved. Those locations are as follows: regional NSW, regional VIC, regional SA, regional WA, the NT, regional QLD, regional TAS, outlying islands, Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Asia or Dubai.
If you face any difficulty within the 30 days of the trial period with Ergoflex, you can contact them any time during the 30 days. It does not mean that you have to return the product on the 30th day only. After 30 days you will get a call about your experience with the mattress. If you feel you want more time to understand it, you can inform them. You will surely get assistance.
When you return the mattress, it will be collected from your location within 7-14 business days. You will get a refund on your credit card that you have used to purchase the product within 24 hours.

Is Ergoflex suitable for Australian weather?

Yes. Since 2010 Ergoflex has provided better sleep to tones of customers all over in Australia. Including Hobart, Cook town, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and many places located in between. For the Australian climate, the open cell structure present in Ergoflex memory foam mattresses helps to regulate the airflow amazingly. The cooling sleep airflow system in the mattress is an added advantage to provide extra comfort.

How much partner disturbance experienced in Ergoflex?

Zero. Ergoflex with unmatched quality of superior memory foam can provide an undisturbed, peaceful sleep to every individual without any motion transfer disturbance.

Once the mattresses are returned, what happens after that?

After the trial period, if any rare customer returns the mattress due to dissatisfaction, it is then collected from their location. After collection, it is distributed to women’s refuges in the Hunter Valley and Newcastle area as a donation. Ergoflex Company has been donating their mattresses since 2010.

Does this mattress work on an electrical bed?

Of course, yes. Kindly check the electrical bed’s dimension before using the mattress. Though Ergoflex fits in all bed bases smoothly.

How to maintain the Ergoflex mattress?

You can wash the outer covering of the mattress by a simple washing machine using a light detergent. However, washing the entire mattress is not advised by the manufacturers due to its complex composition.

Is it safe to rotate the Ergoflex memory foam mattress?

Yes. It is recommended by the company to rotate the mattress upside down every two to three months. This increases the durability of your mattress.

What is the warranty period of the Ergoflex mattress?

Ergoflex comes with a manufacturer warranty of 10 years. In this warranty period, the material or any product defect is covered. The company has claimed that if any flaw is found from their end, they will repair or replace it.

What are the steps to be performed once the mattress comes home the first time?

It is recommended to open the mattress from the plastic packing. During the plastic removal, use a sharp knife or object to slide it. Once it is removed, the mattress will expand to its natural depth and size for some time. If you want to install it later, then it is advised to open the mattress from the box at least four weeks from the first delivery.

Can you use the mattress on the same date of delivery?

Yes, you can. Once it arrives, it’s the best time to experience Ergoflex.

Are there any possibilities of odor coming from the new mattress?

Due to vacuum-sealed packing, there might be a distinct smell sensation from the new mattress. Do not panic; it is safe and reasonable.

How soon can you receive your order?

When you order your mattress, if it’s in stock, the delivery will take place within 24 hours to Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney from the time of your purchase. (If it is ordered between Monday to Thursday before 14:00)
If your location is outside islands (New Zealand or Pacific Islands), kindly contact the manufacturers with your address details and specific zip code.
When you order a mattress, and it is out of stock, the availability date will be showing on the red bar on the page. When you choose the Premium Delivery Service, a flexible delivery service on a specified period can be selected. The courier used by Ergoflex successfully delivers brilliantly about 98% to all customers.

Can the customer choose delivery time and date?

While placing the order through the website of Ergoflex, you can choose the preferred time for delivery. However, on the morning delivery time, it is easy to track your item online through the courier’s website and get a delivery time window. The delivery time window will work as the day begins.
For faster convenience, Ergoflex does offer a Premium Delivery Service in all the metro areas. At a minimum fee, you can choose both the delivery date and time. If you wish to select our Premium Delivery Service, please follow the time below:
Premium Delivery Service is available in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.
Monday – Friday AM (8 am-12 pm)
Monday – Friday PM (12 pm-5 pm)
Monday – Friday After Hrs. (5 pm-8 pm)
Saturday (8 am-12 pm)


A good night’s sleep and relaxation can make your whole day loving and fulfilled. The Ergoflex memory foam mattress helps to emphasize pressure and provides a good comfortable sleep. Exceptionally good in quality and brilliant support can relieve any individual suffering from a medical condition.

The ErgoFlex is also in our top 10 best mattress in Australia, see how it scores compared to the other mattresses. Or still not sure which size mattress you should choose. You can check our article about the Australian mattress sizes.