Eva Mattress: 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

One of the best award-winning mattresses in Australia for 2019. Eva is an excellent mattress for any sleepers. Eva is an upgraded form of any pocket spring mattress. The superb hybrid mattress design mixed with supportive edges in the composition of latex, gel, and high-density foams. Thicker than the regular traditional mattresses, this mattress provides an extra cushion feel which can soothe your pain. It is suitable for people who have a desire to sleep on a well-built foam but also can experience the bouncy effects of coil or springs. Excellent micro-springs are incorporated to relieve pressure and regulate the perfect air balance without any motion transfer. Lets us get in a detailed review of Eva to give a clear idea about this mattress.

Feel On Eva Mattress

A combination of 5 layers made up of foam and spring coil is present in Eva. It gives firm support yet feels softer. According to the firmness scale of 1 to 10, Eva is measured between 7-8. Weight distribution and body alignment can be managed very well for back and side sleepers. There is a presence of thick wires on the outer edge of the mattress, which can release the feeling of falling from the mattress. The location of the micro-springs also helps in giving extra support and bouncy effect to any sleeper.

Firm Mattress For Back Support: For comforting your back and spine alignment properly, the medium-firm is highly recommended.

Hybrid Bed: If you are the one who likes the bouncy feel on your mattress, you can opt for Eva. The Eva mattress is a combination of a memory foam mattress, latex mattres and a pocket spring mattress.

Extra Bouncy: The upper duo layers are induced with bouncy feel which gives you comfort at the same time

Different Sleepers Vs. Eva

For back and side sleepers, the mattress is very beneficial. Any back sleeper wants a good grip and support on their hips, spine, and shoulders. The memory foam is designed nicely in Eva, which can provide full provision for the lower back area while preventing any fall down. The side sleepers can enjoy the micro spring layering. The coils are placed very systematically to relieve your pressure points. Stomach sleepers rest their whole body on their stomach area. A soft-top can help the sensitive areas to sink inside the mattress. This is the only reason little stomach sleepers prefer soft feel mattresses. However, Eva can serve the purpose of large stomach sleepers and can allow the weight to 400 kgs.

Support And Edge

Many of us face challenges while coming out of the mattresses. We feel our bodies get sunken inside. If you try Eva, you will love the support system of this mattress. The stiff springs help you from falling from the edges. During your sleep too much sinking inside the mattress can also be prevented due to the presence of these coils.

Motion Transfer

Eva mattresses have considerable motion transfer as compared to all the other foam mattresses. Though the robust coil design can give great support to the individual’s body, it doesn’t consider low or zero partner disturbance issues.

Construction And Built

As mentioned before Eva consists of 5 layers in its design. All these layers are made up of latex, memory foam, and active coiled technology. The mattress has a height of 32cm approximately. The medium-firm mattress can provide an optimum amount of support to your body. Let us go through the detailed construction to understand the benefits of this mattress

Upper Layer

To regulate and maintain the air temperature, the top layer consists of the gel-based technology and microgel particles. This gel technology works fantastically at suiting your body weight and manages uniform heat distribution for better sleep at night. If you have any back pain, this mild warmth from the top layer can also relieve the pressure points.  Conventional foams tend to get heated up excessively. Eva’s gel-infused technology processes the heat in a rapidly treated form as compared to other superior memory foam mattresses. You won’t feel sand trapped in the mattress due to the presence of latex and springs. An overall comfortable layer while seeping.

Second Layer

Natural latex is beneficial for anti-dusting and microbe resistance qualities. Eva’s second layer is consisting of natural latex which protects you and your mattress from any bacteria or germs. The open cell structure in this mattress allows the quick airflow and makes your mattress breathable. The layer puts mild pressure on your affected pain areas while you sleep. The thick latex can result in a brilliant base on the springs.

Third Layer

For a convenient and pleasant air circulation process, the third inner layer of the Eva is constructed. The strong spring alignment can support your body, preventing any fall down. You can also get a floating feel on this layer. The back or spinal pain can also be rectified due to the presence of these soft springs. Correct body contouring is possible in this layer.

Transition Layer

The supreme quality of Polyester foam is induced in this transition layer. The thick foam helps in body support, and the density of the foam can give pressure to your body. The fantastic ventilation between the coil system helps in regulating the temperature with a mild cooling effect on your body.

Foundation Or Base

To minimize the partner disturbance, the five layering system has been designed in Eva mattresses. This causes less motion transfer during your partner’s movement while you sleep. The motion limits are organized in such a way that your sleep won’t be affected in spite of vigorous actions. The superior quality of the coils can hold the bodyweight brilliantly due to the existence of foams. The bouncy effect and the airy movements can result in a firm cushion for your body with cooling ventilation.

Cooling System

The distinctive cooling micro springs are constructed for adequate air circulation. The gel-based memory foam mattress soaks in the body heat firmly and releases cooling air. During the night, while sleeping the temperature is maintained. According to the Australian climate, other foam-based mattresses results in excess heat production by trapping the heat of the body. You will not face any such issues with Eva mattresses.

Edge Support

The harder the texture of the spring coils, the better the support it results for the body weight. Strong springs are aligned correctly, which helps in putting correct pressure on your body while you sleep. Again these springs work as an excellent support edge for your body to prevent deep sinking inside or to fall from your bed.


The cost table of the Eva mattresses is as shown below:

King Eva Mattress: $950

Queen Eva Mattress: $850

Double Eva Mattress: $750

King Single Eva Mattress: $650

Single Eva Mattress: $600

Trial Period And Warranty

Eva mattresses come with a warranty for 12 years and a trial period of 120 nights from the date of purchase.

Delivery Times

Metro areas (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth):

Orders placed before 4 pm the day before will be delivered the next business day. Alternatively, you can select your preferred delivery date at checkout.

Non-metro areas:

Dispatch within 24 hours

Expected delivery time: 1-8 business days

VIC: 3-4 business days

NSW: 3-4 business days

QLD: 4-5 business days

SA: 3-4 business days

ACT: 3-4 business days

WA: 5-7 business days

TAS: 7-10 business days

*Eva is currently unable to deliver to the Northern Territory.


Eva mattresses have been certified and approved by US independent labs. They have claimed that Eva is a superior quality of the mattress and is a 100% safe bedding product for everyone. The foam that is used in the Eva mattress is CertiPUR-US® certified. Which means that the foam is safe and not toxic. The gel layer is SGS certified and the latex layer is OEKO-TEX® certified.

Product Specifications

The weight of the Eva mattress for queen size bed is 55 kgs, whereas height goes up till 32cm approximately. The mattress can hold a weight of individual till 400 kgs or per individual (200+200)kgs.  The total number of spring counts inside the mattress is 768, micro springs for queen mattress have a count of 1564 coils.

Key Features

  • A famous bedding brand in Australia
  • Medium-firm
  • Suitable for back and side sleepers.
  • Weight for queen size bed – 55 kgs
  • Height of the mattress- 32cm
  • Pocket spring system
  • Five layers of latex, memory foam and coil technology
  • Good bouncy effect
  • Affordable price
  • Safe
  • US certipur certified
  • A trial period of 120 nights
  • The warranty period of 12 years by manufacturers


  • The medium firm of the mattress can benefit the sleepers well.
  • Helps in spinal support and body alignment/contouring correctly
  • Provides a cooling effect by maintaining the air temperature nicely
  • The superb edge support gives the bodyweight full support and prevents falling.


  • The motion transfer feature can be improvised in this mattress.


Where can you test or trial Eva mattress?

You can quickly test it according to your preference and comfort at your home for a trial period of 120 nights.

What if you don’t like the mattress in the trial period?

During the 120-night risk-free trial if you are not satisfied with this mattress, then Eva will collect it back from you without any costing.

Why is Eva affordable than retail shops?

Eva has not involved any extra costing for the salesman or showroom. So, when you invest in it online, you get it at an affordable, accessible price.

What should be the base for Eva mattress?

Any flat or firm bedding base is suitable for Eva mattress set up. If there is a variation in your bed base for about 3cm, the mattress will still fit in comfortably. The manufacturers have advised that you should not use any flex slats or spring slat bed bases as Eva has a spring technology design.

Can you put back the mattress in the box?

Eva mattress arrives at you in a compressed way in a box. Once you unfold it, you cannot wrap it back to the box.

When can you start using the Eva mattress?

Once the mattress arrives at your doorstep, you can unbox it. At least 72 hours will be taken by the mattress to expand and gain its height to 90% approximately. Within 4 hours of developing the mattress ultimately, you can start using it. When you use it regularly, then the mattress gradually regains the shape properly.

What kind of latex is used in the composition of the Eva mattress?

A complete eco-friendly natural latex is used for the construction of the mattress

Do you use any mattress protector or not?

For protecting your mattress from any dust or stain the mattress protectors can result best. You can use it. Regarding the heat transmission and air control, the gel is already installed in the mattress. So if you want to put any extra protector kindly check the fabric so that it does not result in overheating. For example, avoid synthetic materials as they create more heat in the body.

How many allergies can be prevented by Eva?

Although, natural latex is used for the construction of the mattress, which exceptionally can protect your body from allergies. However, no mattresses can ultimately give you dust-free protection for 100%. You can surely use a mattress protector for allergy resisting purposes.

How much weight is suitable for this mattress?

Eva can hold a capacity of 400 kg of a single individual. For couples, it can be (200+200)kgs.

Is Eva mattress safe?

According to the US labs, the mattresses have been claimed safe and non-toxic. The materials used, especially the supercooling gel and memory foam, are all SGS certified. The natural latex has been approved first-class by OEKO TEX. The manufacturers have claimed Eva to be safe for children and newborn babies.

Can you change your address after purchase?

For any assistance regarding change of address or delivery tracking you can contact the helpline: 1800960477 or email at [email protected]

How to track your order?

Once you order the Eva mattress, you will receive the text message and GPS tracking information. Throughout the delivery, till your house, you can use GPS tracking to locate your product.

What does Pre Ordering mean?

When you make the order online, while Eva was running out of their stock. You have to wait until the product arrives at the warehouse and gets delivered to you.

How to make the payment?

For investing in Eva mattress, you can use your debit or credit card. You can make secure payments through Visa, Master Card, American Express, or even PayPal.

What is the process to get 0% finance?

While checking out from the order page, you can select Zip Pay or After Pay. You will get an application segment that you can fill in.

What is the warranty coverage?

An added warranty of 12 years is granted to you by Eva mattress. There is also an extra one year warranty included for your sheets, duvets or even pillowcases.

How can you claim if the product found faulty?

In scarce scenarios, customers have found Eva mattress to be faulty or defective. If you face such conditions, then please contact [email protected] for assistance. While your email it is suggested to add the faulty pictures and a detailed explanation of what issues you faced with your contact details.

How does the Trial Period work?

Eva provides you a trial period of 120 nights. The trial period starts precisely from the date of purchase and not from the date of order. Once you feel there is any discomfort or problem with the mattress, you can contact the support desk. The mattress will be collected from your doorstep, and you will get a full money refund. The mattress can be obtained from you within eight business days.

What happens to the returned mattresses?

Eva never supports the reselling of the returned mattresses. Instead, they donate it to any charity organizations where needy people can enjoy their mattresses. Eva works with many charitable places across the country.

In what conditions you can return the mattress?

If you are unhappy with the Eva mattress, you can surely send it back to them. Keep in mind the condition of the mattress should be clean, and no ripping apart should occur. They will not accept if the state of the mattress while returning is in messed up or dirty. For further information, kindly go through the terms and conditions.


Investing in mattresses can be a tough decision. There are various bedding products available in the market. When you want to spend on Eva mattress, make sure to check your requirements as well. The super built of 5 layers, the coiled system, air cooling is the best part about the mattress at affordable rates. Again the mattress can’t serve the purpose of motion transfer that well. Hence when you invest in this mattress, kindly go through the reviews well to satisfy your demands.

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