Greywing Mattress: 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Greywing Mattress has been designed for the people who want to opt for soft mattresses. The best part of using this mattress is it provides extreme support to every part of your body. One will not experience a lot of bounce or firmness because it has responsive foam, which is quite similar to the latex. Latex is used for creating the top layer of the mattress. Till now, this mattress has gathered a lot of positive feedback from its consumers.

The beauty of memory foam mattresses is that it consists of three layers, and it provides extreme support and comfort. The mattress has been designed in a way that will allow every person to have a sound sleep. Open-cell technology has been used for increasing the airflow, and you will feel that the mattress has a medium firmness. Even when you are sleeping, you will stay cool.

Weight Of The Greywing Mattress

The greywing mattress of queen size will weigh 32 kilograms. The Greywing is quite thin and light when compared to other types of foam design or hybrid design. The base foam and the high-density memory contributes 260 kilograms to the entire weight.

Thickness Of The Greywing Mattress

Greywing Mattress will be delivered to your doorstep in a box. The mattress will be in the compressed state, but once you take it out, it will start to expand until it is achieving its full thickness. One will require help when they will be setting up or rotating the Greywing. Moving it is much easier compared to the hybrid design or pocket spring mattresses design. The mattress is supportive and has a sleek look, and it measures 24 cm.

Height Of The Greywing Mattress

The mattress has an elevation of 24 cm. To make the bed rise to a great height, you can easily place this mattress on the platform, frame base, or standard slats.

Size Of The Greywing Mattress

The greywing mattress is present in four sizes: single, double, queen, and king. We also wrote a guide on Australian mattress sizes if you’re not sure yet which size would be best for you.

Complete Design Of The Greywing Mattress

The high-quality foam is used in the making of greywing mattresses. This mattress is made up of three layers. It is a great mattress that can adapt itself quickly with the harsh winter conditions, and it has foam in it that will help in pressure relief. The mattress will rise to 24 cm, and it is made up of high-quality, durable material which is eco-friendly and is safe for use. A lot of attention has been put on the design of this mattress, which makes it fabulous.

Cover: A fabric that is capable of absorbing the temperature and control it, is used for making the cover of this mattress. Proper circulation of air and breathability is present in this mattress. Heat and sweat are controlled by using a thin material that has absorbent properties. By restricting the accumulation of moisture on your skin, it will ensure that you are staying dry overnight. The insulated cover also helps in limiting heat loss during the winter.

Top Comfort Layer: Responsive comfort foam comes with the structure of the open cell, which helps in improving the airflow. Proper airflow will help in preventing overheating, and it will keep the sleeper cool the entire night. Comforting firmness and bounce are present as it is 4cm thick.

If you are suffering from pain, then it will help you to deal with it. Greywing Mattress will relieve the stress by targeting the pressure points and by providing proper compression.

Transition Layer: Thick memory foam of 4 centimeters has been positioned strategically to provide contouring and pressure-relieving feature. Overheating can be an issue for many people, but it contains material that is highly responsive to counter this drawback.

This layer is combined with the top layer, and it creates a thick pad, which will help in absorbing the pressure that is coming from the weight. Even distribution of weight is ensured to achieve soft comfort and little bounces. All the factors together help in delivering a mattress which is medium firm.

Foundation: After opening the mattress, it will take not more than two minutes for the mattress to rise to its original thickness. The upper layer of the mattresses is made up of soft sheets, which will not be able to withhold a lot of compressions. The primary reason why the foundation is made of dense foam is it will be able to withstand 115 kg on each side of the mattress easily.

Once you release the pressure from either side, it will rapidly regain its original state. The bed base is having a thickness of 16 cm, and it will help in proper compression and relieving of pressure.

Detailed Review Of The Greywing Mattress

Overall Rating: According to most of the user of this Greywing Mattress, they are thrilled with the product. In Australia, this mattress is in high demand. Unlike the regular mattresses, this mattress has been designed by keeping several pointers in mind like quality, comfort, etc.

Spinal Support: If you are a back sleeper or stomach slipper you will find this mattress to be extremely comfortable. The design of the mattress provides excellent spinal support. Proper distribution of the pressure points will help in relieving tension from your spine.

Build Quality: Greywing Mattress is crafted and manufactured in Australia. Three types of foam are used along with the responsive foam to deliver a comfortable surface layer. The build quality of this mattress is extremely high, and hence, it will ensure durability as well.

Partner Disturbance: One can jump, move, kick, dip, roll, or cough while using this mattress. If you are sharing your bed with someone else or tossing and turning, still you wouldn’t annoy the other person. Optimum motion isolation is present in this mattress and which is why it is an excellent mattress for couples.

Cooling: Open cell technology and a cover layer of the mattress helps the sleepers to enjoy proper airflow and keep themselves fresh. Heat retention property of the top payer will keep a person dry by restricting the accumulation of sweat on the skin.

Edge Support: For any mattress having decent edge support is very important. Foam products don’t provide any excellent support near the edges, but Greywing Mattress is quite different. Here you will get sufficient support to rest your spine and back. Even and uniform distribution of weight is ensured in this mattress. The contouring and the pressure releasing feature together helps in providing excellent edge sup, port.

Firmness: Greywing mattress comes with medium hardness, but the weight is also a factor. For the average-sized or light sized body, they might find it to be too firm. Reactive foam and base form of a thick layer is used in this mattress, which is providing more focus on the supporting part instead of providing soft surfaces.

Value For Money: Greywing is getting very popular in the market because the selling point is it is its price. If you can compare this mattress with other mattresses, then you can see that you are saving a lot in this purchase. The trial period, shipping, return, and other things are much better when you will opt for a Greywing mattress.

Greywing is the newly launched product in the Australian market and which is why it is priced reasonably without compromising the quality. Unlike other memory foam mattresses, this mattress will provide you with great value for your money.

  • Greywing Single Mattress: $645
  • Greywing Double Mattress: $845
  • Greywing Queen Mattress: $ 945
  • Greywing King Mattress: $ 1045

Sinkage: 2 inches of sinkage is there if you are using Greywing Mattress as it is slightly firmer. Sinking feel is directly proportional to size and weight.

Off-Gassing: Several customers have registered reports of off-gassing. The smell will go away quickly after unpacking the mattress. Natural materials that are used in the making of this mattress will help the scent to dissipate within a few hours of use.

Key Features

  • The mattress has been designed and produced in Australia
  • GECA certified
  • Sleep trial of hundred Nights
  • 15 years warranty
  • Free delivery in Australia
  • Free returns
  • Great edge support
  • Cooling features
  • Medium firmness
  • Motion isolation
  • 24 cm thick
  • 260 kilograms of weight


  • It offers a warranty period of 15 years.
  • It will provide you with with the trial period of a hundred nights.
  • One can save $50 on their first purchase by using the promo code.
  • For shipping the mattress in Australia, one will not have to pay any charges.
  • Firm support and the cooling cover are two of the most attractive features of Greywing Mattress.
  • The design of the memory foam is handy for aligning the body properly while sleeping.
  • Hip and back pain can be alleviated by using this mattress.
  • The mattress has heat retention properties.
  • Provides great motion isolation.


  • According to several customers, they have found that this mattress is too firm. The firmness will be directly proportional to body size and weight.
  • If you are looking forward to a sinking and soft feel, then this is not the right mattress for you.
  • The memory foam does not have any layer of comfort foam on the top.

How & Where To Buy Greywing Mattress?

If you want to purchase a Greywing Mattress, then the best option is to opt for the official website. One can avail of great discounts from the official website. There are other websites as well from where you can purchase this greywing mattress with secure and flexible payment and fast delivery options.

How To Buy Greywing Mattress?

If you want to purchase Greywing Mattress online, then there are several websites from where you can get promo codes. You can find that most of the time there is an ongoing special sale that will help you to get a hefty discount on the product. One can use a credit or debit card for making the payment.

Setting Up The Greywing Mattress

1.    The mattress in a box will be compressed, which you will have to unwrap. After unwrapping it keep it on the bed or any flat surface.

2.    The mattress will be covered with a thin plastic wrapper which you will have to cut by using scissors or knife.

3.    The mattress will take some minutes to expand to its original size.

4.    The air which is present inside the mattress will ultimately come out after a few hours.

5.    Now you can place the mattress by putting a sheet under it.

6.    The mattress has a cover on the top, but you can also add some extra topper for more comfort.

7.    Now you can place the pillows.

8.    It will take some time for you to adapt to the firmness of the mattress.


What is the total time taken by the mattress to expand?

The mattress will come in a compact box. After opening the box, it will take a few minutes by the mattress to expand appropriately.

Is the cooling property effective?

Yes, the cooling property is beneficial. Open-cell technology and cover layer with the right fabric are used for regulating the temperature. As it is sold in Australia so it has been designed in a way that it can withstand the heat there. The cooling property will help in eliminating the accumulation of sweat on the surface of the body and will keep a person dry throughout the night.

How many days will it take by the body to adjust to the mattress?

It will take near about 27 days for the body to adjust itself to the firmness of the mattress.

Will it help to relieve back?

Yes, it will help you to get rid of your back and hip pain. It has been designed in a way that it will provide an excellent contouring effect and will help in aligning the body properly. This is one of the primary reasons why your pain and ache will fade away after having a good sleep on this mattress.

Is mattress treatable for any sleeper?

The mattress is suitable for a side sleeper or stomach sleeper or any other type of sleeper. The firmness and the extent of the comfort of the mattress will depend on body size and shape.

How is the Greywing Mattress different from others?

The market is filled with different types of memory foam mattresses like ecosa mattress, but Greywing Mattress differs from them in many sectors. It will provide a firmness level that will adjust itself with the body of the sleeper. It offers affordable prices, and you will also get a trial period of 100 days.

Is Greywing Mattress cheaper at retail stores?

No, the price of the greywing mattress at the retail store is much higher than the online ones. When you are ordering online, then you won’t have to pay the middle man. So it will get delivered to you quickly, and you can also avail of the free shipping options as well. In online websites, you can also use the promo code and get $50 discount.

Can you recompress the mattress if it is opened from the box?

No, it is quite impossible for you to repack the entire mattress into the box after opening it from the packet.

What is the warranty period?

With the Greywing mattress, you will get a warranty period of 15 years from the day of purchase.

What is the cost of shipping?

It won’t charge any cost for shipping if it is within Australia. For any details, contact the customer service.

Will it provide motion isolation?

Yes, it will provide excellent motion isolation so you can easily share your bed with someone without disturbing them.

Can you specify any delivery date?

After placing the order it will take two weeks for you to receive the order.

What is the payment method?

Debit and credit cards are accepted for making the payment.

How many sizes of mattresses are available?

One can avail the Greywing Mattress of four different sizes, namely single, double, queen, and king.

What is the trial period for this mattress?

One will get a hundred days to test the product. One can only understand whether the mattress will be advantageous for them or not after using it and which is why it has a trial period of a hundred nights.


Greywing is a new brand that has been launched in the market of Australia, and it is already widespread. The mattress has been designed by using the latest technology that will provide cooling and will help in properly aligning the body. According to the research, most of the users have reported that there was an improvement in their sleeping after using the mattress.

This mattress can effectively reduce back pain and hip pain. The surface of the mattress will help a person to sleep in various positions, and it is quite comfortable. If you’re looking for support and comfort with a cooling effect, then this is the perfect mattress for you.

If you’re still unsure about which mattress you should pick, we recommend you read our article about the best mattress in Australia.