Latex Mattress – A Mattress That Feels Like A Cloud

Buying a mattress is no easy feat, and the various options in the market don’t make it any easier. There are so many types and different Australian mattress sizes that one is bound to be confused. There are many ways in which the mattress buying has become simplified, and you can also get specialized reviews for each mattress. Out of all the mattress types, if you are looking for a wholesome option, then latex mattress is one of the top choices.

A latex mattress is top-rated and for all the right reasons. It is functional, effective, and also long-lasting. However, even within the latex mattress, there are different options and peculiarities that one must know about. All the brands today give you the complete know-how of the product and offer excellent customer service by providing all the details that are needed to be aware of the mattress. Let us discuss the know-how of a latex mattress and how it contributes to your sleeping environment.

Natural Latex Mattress Vs. Synthetic Or Blended Latex Mattress

First and foremost, let us discuss the different variations of the latex mattresses that are available. Not all latex mattresses are the same; there are some which are entirely pure latex, while there are some which are mixed and unnatural. You can find your perfect mattress only when you are aware of all the options that are available to you.


Below are the details of how each of the latex variations is manufactured

Synthetic: A synthetic latex mattress is entirely prepared in a laboratory setup. It is more often than not made at the foam manufacturing site itself. It does not have natural latex in it, and as the name suggests, it is manufactured using artificial components.

Blended: While the synthetic latex mattress is entirely unnatural, a blended latex mattress offers a mid-ground. It adds some amount of natural latex along with the synthetic latex to make this blended version, which is of slightly superior quality as compared to a synthetic one.

Natural: Just as the name goes, a natural latex mattress is made of entirely natural and botanical latex. A pure latex mattress has a lot more bedding options as the foam used in these types of latex mattresses is wholly manufactured using the botanical latex which also gives it the ‘100% natural latex’ label. Natural latex is used in the Hugo Mattress.


Below is the comparison of each of the latex mattress using the price as the comparing parameter

Synthetic: Since the latex used is not natural and is entirely made at the laboratory, the cost of getting the latex from the states that produce it is reduced, and that makes the manufacturing of this latex cheap and budget-friendly. The price is less because of the comparatively inferior quality of the mattress.

Blended: Since a small portion of natural latex is used in its manufacture, this blended mattress has more cost than synthetic mattresses. It does make for a good option if you are running on a very stringent budget and cannot afford to spend extensively on a mattress.

Natural: The foam is made using pure latex, which is imported from the states that produce pure latex and hence add to the cost of the mattress. Natural latex mattresses fall on the higher side of the pocket but have better quality durability as compared to any other latex mattress and even memory foam mattress.


Below are the benefits offered by each of the variations of the latex mattress

Synthetic: Synthetic latex mattress is made from artificial latex and hence do not have much support as compared to natural latex. However, they are very cheap and cost-friendly. If someone has no specific needs from the mattress and are running on a budget, a synthetic mattress fits best.

Blended: A blended latex mattress offers slightly note resilience and support as compared to the blended mattress because of the presence of some portion of natural latex. However, these are still cost-friendly and a better buying option as compared to a synthetic one.

Natural: A natural latex mattress is the epitome of comfort and support that you need from your need for a good night s sleep. It offers the best quality, effectiveness, and many other benefits as well, which makes it the best option to buy quality and comfort-wise. There are many variations available in these mattresses and they suit all your needs.

Above is the rundown of different latex mattresses available in the market to make you aware of which mattress has what to offer. With this information, you can choose the mattress that fits your needs the best. If you have a budget to meet, choose synthetic or blended latex mattress, and if you are looking for good quality, then natural latex mattress is your go-to option.

Benefits Of Latex Mattress

There are so many mattresses available in the market, how would you know whether latex mattress fits your requirement to make every night a good night. It can be ascertained if you are aware of all the benefits that a latex mattress has to offer. Let us take a look at the various benefits that a latex mattress has to offer:


The most basic requirement from any mattress is that it should be relaxed. You spend almost 30% of your time on your bed, and you expect the mattress to provide you the comfort and support that helps you relax and have a good sleep. Latex mattresses offer optimum comfort, and there has been reasonable customer satisfaction noted for these mattresses.

Relieves Pain

A lot of people have the complaint of body ache always, what people fail to consider when complaining and analyzing the body ache is that it could be because of an uncomfortable mattress too. Even if it is general body pain, latex mattress has been known to promote pain relief. Various physical therapists recommend latex mattress for comfort in joint and backaches. If pain is inferring in your peaceful sleep, switch to a latex mattress.

Alignment Of Body

The latex mattress is hugely known for its quality to offer natural spine alignment. Latex mattress helps in body contouring due to its open cell structure and helps to keep the spine aligned. Your more substantial body parts will sink in the soft mattress, and the spine will still be supported and kept aligned without causing any disturbance in your comfort.


A latex mattress is also a foam mattress and is still considered better than a memory foam mattress, and one of the primary reasons is that it is naturally made. It is made using the sap of a rubber tree, and that is what gives the latex mattress a spring making it like spring mattresses. The natural foam gives it a springiness and makes for a fantastic pocket spring mattress.

Resistance To Dust Mites

Natural latex, which is extracted from the sap of a rubber tree has a natural resistance towards mold and dust mite. A humid climate is a giveaway for the overexposure to mold and dust mites in our bedroom, switching to a latex mattress is an automatic reduction to dust mites due to its natural resistance, and that makes it a significant benefit for people who have a sensitive body. Buying a latex mattress in Australia is a good option due to its humid climate.


The root cause of allergies is the presence of dust mites and mold on the bed. Our bodies react to the presence of dust mites and cause allergies. A latex mattress is the only mattress that provides resistance to dust mites and hence keeping us allergen-free. It has hypoallergenic properties and makes your life a lot easier if you are prone to allergies a reaction.


The latex mattress is Eco-friendly. They support the environment. When the rubber trees are used to extract latex, it does not kill the tree and hence promoting the growth of more trees for progress. The plantations that extract the sap of the tree handle the trees very efficiently. The growth of trees means the elimination of carbon dioxide, which promotes a pleasant environment.

Air Circulation

A latex mattress has an open-cell structure, and this makes the mattress an excellent option for air circulation. These free cells allow for proper airflow, and there are pinholes added during the making of the mattress. All these things combined, make latex mattress the best buy when it comes to proper air circulation.

Partner Disturbance

The latex mattress has a natural resiliency. Due to this quality, the movement is not transmitted from one side of the bed to another easily. If you sleep with a noisy partner and also tosses around a lot, then latex mattress is an excellent option as the movement is not transmitted to another side, which helps you to sleep uninterrupted. Latex mattress enables you to zone out the partner disturbance and have a good night s sleep.


A mattress is a long term purchase, and you would expect the mattress to last for a longer duration due to the amount of investment involved. Latex mattresses are one of the most durable types of mattresses, and that makes them the right choice. You don’t need to replace the mattress anytime soon, and that saves the cost to some extent. High durability also makes latex mattresses the choicest options when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Heat Control

As confirmed above, the latex mattress has an open cell structure and allows air circulation. With open airflow and good air circulation, the bed is more cooling. Our body drops the temperature when we sleep and also releases heat. The constant and good air circulation makes for a choicest option to resist the body heat and keep you fresh without disturbing your sleep.

Types Of Latex

Types of latex are defined based on different manufacturing processes. The method using which latex is made is different. There are two main methods of producing latex. Let us take a look at each of these methods and discuss them in detail so that you know which mattress to choose based on which latex is used in it.

Dunlop Latex

In the Dunlop method of manufacturing latex, liquid latex is poured into the frames. It is poured in layers, cooled and then vulcanized. The process results in robust, high quality, and durable latex. It is a compact form of latex and is ideal for superior support. There is a scope for cushioning as well as comfort with this form of latex.

Talalay Latex

For this method of latex, the liquid is first whipped, and then it gets poured into the frame. The material is then passed through vacuum molding and also flash freezing, which changes it quickly into the foam. It has a mix of latex and air, which is equally distributed from top to bottom and also from side to side. As it has air, Talalay latex is fluffier and lighter as compared to Dunlop Latex.

These are the two types of latex, and each has it’s own specifications, weaknesses, and benefits. Depending upon what you need, your choice should be accommodated. Each latex has a specific make, which gives it a different finish, and either of these can suit your liking.

Things To Note Before You Buy A Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses have their peculiarities, and there are unique factors you should consider before you choose the latex mattress. Even within the latex mattresses, there are so many brands and different features, let us discuss the points you must be aware of:


For any purchase, the most common consideration is the cost of the product. Latex mattresses have a lot of benefits, and since the natural latex mattresses are made with all pure latex the making cost is high, and hence these can be on the slightly heavier side of the pocket. Consider the price and the features provided by the brands to select the one mattress.


Choosing a mattress from a good brand is extremely important generally and also particularly for latex mattresses. A lot of mattresses can have the label of latex mattresses while they are made from synthetic latex and don’t have the actual benefits of the natural latex mattress. Always check and choose a reliable and efficient brand that delivers the promise that it makes.


As mentioned above, there is a type of latex used depending upon the manufacturing processes, and there are also types of latex mattresses like synthetic, blended, and natural. Each of these has different qualities and benefits. You need to think of the kind of mattress you want before checking more on the model. Once you have chosen the type, you can select different models.


The latex mattress has both natural and synthetic mattresses made from it. You have to ensure that if you want a natural latex mattress, then you choose a naturally made one. The labels and brands can be deceiving, and you need to be vigilant while reading the instructions and components to understand whether the mattress is naturally made or not. The typically made mattress has a lot more benefits and hence, should be chosen carefully.


Always buy a mattress with an adequate warranty period attached to it. A mattress has to be used for the long term, and hence you need to make sure that there is at least a three-year warranty attached to the mattress. In case of a warranty, if there are any problems with the mattress, it is covered and can be replaced or repaired by the brand or manufacturer himself. Always consider the warranty as a priority when choosing a mattress.

Trail period

If you are buying a mattress online, they always come with a trial period due to the method of buying attached to it. Most brands offer a trial period of at least 100 days within which you can try the mattress and return it if it does not fit your requirement and yet get a full refund. Always check whether the mattress has a reasonable trial period before zeroing down on one particular option.


The mattress choices are enormous, and they have a vast number of options involved, there are also processes like mattress reviews. Mattress reviews filter out the clutter and give you actual, authentic, and useful critiques for each of the mattresses. Always refer to these reviews before choosing the mattress that you need. These reviews will tell you what the actual end consumer who has bought these mattresses thinks about them. Reading and considering these reviews will provide you with practical knowledge of the product.


Will this mattress helps in relieving pain?

Yes, the mattress has been specifically designed to help people deal with body aches. Latex has been used while making this mattress as it helps in pain relief. If you are suffering from a backache or joint problem, then you must opt for this mattress to have a peaceful sleep.

What makes this mattress different from others?

The latex mattress has been designed by keeping several pointers in mind, and hence latest technology has been used. It has excellent construction which will help in providing optimum comfort. The mattress will adjust to the curves of your body.

How effective is the cooling system of this mattress?

A latex mattress comes with an open cell structure that facilitates better air circulation. Free cells that are present in the mattress will allow the sleeper to avoid the accumulation of sweat on the skin.

How efficient is the motion isolation?

Latex mattress must come with the natural resiliency. This quality will ensure that your partner is not getting disturbed by the movement that you are making. One can toss and turn quickly without interrupting the sleep of another person. Motion isolation is one of the best features of this mattress.

What is the trial period of this mattress?

A latex mattress comes with a trial period of a hundred days. One will have to analyze the comfort of this mattress within this time, and if they are not satisfied, then they can avail of the full refund option.

Are latex mattress cheaper at retail stores?

No, you won’t get latex mattresses at lower prices at the retail stores. Online website or the official website of latex mattress will always allow you to avail better discounts by using promo codes.

Can you recompress the mattress if it is opened from the box?

No, it is quite impossible for anyone to decompress the mattress back into the box. After unpacking the mattress it will take some time for the mattress to rise to its original height and thickness. Draining the air out of the mattress is a tough job, and hence, it is practically impossible.

What is the warranty period?

A latex mattress comes with a warranty period of 3 years. Within this time in any problem related to the mattress arises, the manufacturer or brand will resolve it.

Will I get a full refund if not satisfied with the product?

Yes, after the trial period is over, you can get your full refund if you are not satisfied with the mattress.

How long will latex mattress last?

This mattress will last for approximately 7 to 15 years as latex is durable.

Will it cause any allergies?

No, it won’t cause any sleeper to suffer from any allergies. Even if you are suffering from a latex allergy, it won’t be a problem as latex will never come in contact with your skin. You can use it unless you are suffering from severe allergic tendencies.


These are a few of the pointers that should be noted and considered before you buy the latex mattress for yourself. Do the research and understand the specification and instruction of each of the product as it will help you choose the ultimate outcome of your choice. A latex mattress is the right choice of mattress, and when made with awareness, it can prove to be very fruitful and productive.

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