Memory Foam Mattress – Your Supportive Friend

Investing on a mattress is a confounding and a strenuous experience that all of us go through at some point in time. Innumerable types of mattresses have various benefits based on our preferences. For example: If you want a bouncy effect on your bed, you can opt for pocket spring mattresses. Whereas Memory foam/latex-based mattresses are suitable for their firmness, which can help in body alignment.

There are several mattresses that are dust-free (Latex mattress) or can give you a relief from back pain likes orthopedic mattresses. Researchers have shown for a softer feel with comfortable sleep, an individual should select memory foam mattresses.

An Overview On The Memory Foam Mattress

Usually, viscoelastic based polyurethane foam is incorporated while making memory foam mattresses. The open cell causes a matrix formation through which smooth air circulation can happen. The more the density of the foam is, the body feels softer. It also helps in the rapid cooling down of the body heat. Incredible firmness can be set by users ranging from mild to medium as per their preference. Compared to other mattresses, it is on the heavier side.

Advancement of technology and increasing competition have resulted in many choices, along with an enormous range of prices. With regard to the traditional mattresses, the memory foam mattresses are costlier. The consumer satisfaction rate for a memory foam mattress is much on a larger scale than any other kind of mattress.

Types Of Memory Foam Mattresses

Generally, there are three main types of memory foam mattresses available in the bedding industry. The variations of these mattress designs are based on the different sleeping styles of individuals.

Memory Foam Mattress

The significant benefit of a memory foam mattress is the ability to relieve back pain or soreness. The dense foam induced in the mattress helps to keep the body support correctly. So in case you are on the larger side of the weight scale, you don’t have to fear falling from the mattress because of the presence of a high-level grip with your body weight.

Different firmness levels are also one of the brilliant features of a memory foam mattress. Unlike the spring mattress, the thick foam of the memory foam mattress can never result in shrinkage early. The memory foam mattresses are extremely suitable for any side sleeper.

Anyone sleeping on their side tends to put more pressure on their hips and shoulders. So this kind of mattress can contour the body shape and aid extra support. Multiple layers present in the design can prevent early sagging issues.

1) Traditional Memory Foam 

Traditional mattresses are made up of petroleum-based materials. For a couple of years, this kind of content has been used for the construction of conventional foam mattresses.

2) Gel-Based Memory Foam Mattresses

In gel-based mattresses, an additional gel-infused layer is topped up on the memory foam as extra support. The feel on this kind of mattress is exceptionally different than regular memory foam. A viscoelastic material is infused in gel form in the layers. This helps in providing a cooling effect throughout your night sleep. Hence if anyone suffers from body overheating or sweating, smart gel-based mattresses can surely help them. The body heat can quickly get soaked by the cooling gel particles in the layer.

3) Plant-Based   

Few memory foam mattresses are made up of botanic products like soy or coconut extracts. The bouncy effect of plant-based mattresses is more as compared to traditional mattresses. All the petroleum oils are replaced in these mattresses with plant oils. No chemicals are induced and are very safe to use.

Other Type Of Memory Foam Mattresses

Innerspring Mattress

The coiled mattresses utilize the inner support of metal springs. The quality of these mattresses can be checked by the placement or numbers of the coils inside it. Coil numbers also determine the comfort compatibility with your body. Various gauges and spring sizes of these mattress design can help you to alleviate back pain. Innerspring mattresses are great for all kinds of sleepers like back, stomach, and side.

Water Bed Mattress

Water is the main component for constructing this kind of mattress. Provides brilliant support for all sorts of back sleepers. Water bed mattresses produce the best alignment of hips and lower back. Rectangular shaped water chambers are designed in the mattress with either foam or fibers. This helps in smooth water flow and provides proper support/flexibility depending on your preference.

Air Bed Mattress

Similar to the water bed mattresses, the air bed consists of small air chambers. These chambers are filled with foam or fibers. Adjustable firmness is the best feature of these mattresses. Few brands allow the individuals to set the firmness level in the air bed mattresses.

Latex Mattress

Natural latex foam is mainly used in this kind of Latex mattresses. Mainly Thalay latex is composed of physical components, and a few memory foam mattress uses other fabricated materials. Various firmness setting is an advantage of this kind of mattresses. It helps as a support foam for all types of sleepers. Low about density and heating ability as compared to any memory foam mattresses.

Adjustable Bases

It is an extremely flexible kind of memory foam mattress. Helps in providing proper support to your body when required. The best part of the adjustable mattress is the changing base level to move your head or raising your feet etc. A right mattress for all back pain sufferers.

Memory Foam Mattress Vs. Hybrid Mattress

When it comes to a comparison of memory foam with a hybrid mattress, both of them can help in body contouring with the mattress. The only difference is hybrid mattresses have less heat retention due to existing pocket spring mattress coils. Hybrid mattresses are almost similar to the innerspring mattress. The memory foam, especially the traditional memory foam mattresses at times, can give you an uneven or poking feel. A hybrid mattress never gives you such type of feeling due to the presence of dense foam in them. Our favorite hybrid mattress is the Eva mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress Vs. Latex Mattress

For better body support, spinal alignment, and blood circulation, the memory foam mattress is more preferred over any latex mattress. A substantial amount of comfort can be assured by the memory foam manufacturers quickly. There is only one disadvantage; mostly, memory foam mattresses are composed of harsh chemicals.

Find out more about Latex Mattresses or read all about our favorite mattress that uses latex, the Ecosa mattress.

Features Of Memory Foam Mattress

Pain Relief

Memory foam mattress helps in alleviating pain smoothly. The gel infused mattresses can put proper pressure on the affected painful area. The supportive layer of the mattresses, which should be around 7.5inches dense, can be very beneficial for pain relief.


For a comfortable sleep, there are many memory foam mattresses that come with variation in firmness settings. A medium-firm memory foam mattress can be beneficial for spinal alignment rather than any coiled mattress. The comforting feature in a memory foam mattress is always high than any other regular mattresses.

Motion Transfer

For couples, especially memory foam mattresses, are very beneficial as it creates less motion isolation. The foam-based mattresses are very much durable as compared to innerspring. So at midnight, when you are sleeping, you won’t feel any movement by your partner. Another specialty of this is the presence of dual firmness in a few foam-based mattresses.

Body Alignment

The memory foam mattress offers firm support for right spine alignment. These mattresses can help to rest the body straight or any position smoothly due to its open cell structure. However, there are few memory foam mattresses that are incredibly soft and cannot be much helpful for stomach sleepers. Again for this, you can use a mattress topper to avoid the extreme soft feeling, and it can be excellent base support for your body.


Many individuals have shifted from latex or spring mattresses to memory foam. It is mainly because of the massive allergy-resistant feature of the memory foam mattresses. There is much hypoallergenic memory foam mattress brand which you can opt for if you suffer from allergy.

Dust Resistant

If you have allergic tendencies from dust, memory foam mattresses are solid. Dust particles even if found on the surface, can never dig inside the mattress. The density of the foam used in these mattresses is so high that no amount of dust particle can even enter inside. However, there are few foam mattresses that are non-washable. For those cases, you can surely go for a smooth fabric cover on your mattress to fight against dust particles.


The plant-based memory foam mattresses are surely eco-friendly. Individuals who do not want to go for latex or any high-end mattress can opt for plant-based memory foam mattresses. Usually, plant-based mattresses are made up of soy or coconut. No harmful chemicals like VOCs are included in the composition

Air Circulation

The design of the memory foam mattresses results in overheating. The dense foam can help in supporting your body weight but results in heat transmission. So, the air circulation can be an issue in memory foam mattresses. However, the gel mattresses can give you a super cooling effect. The supercooling impact of the gel memory foam can easily absorb the body heat or sweat nicely. You can also use any breathable mattress pad on your memory foam mattress to avoid heating.


Next to Latex mattress, the memory foam mattresses are incredibly durable. An average of 7-8 years has been counted as a longevity time for an excellent memory foam mattress. These years are again calculated based on how well you have maintained your mattress.


Compared to other mattresses, the memory foam mattresses are on a larger scale on the budget. The durability or the quality of the foam used in the mattress is mainly responsible for the high price. Memory foam mattresses are starting from $300 to $400, and again high-end superior quality mattresses can range up to $300


  • Memory foam mattresses are well-liked for various reasons. Individuals purchase them because:
  • People want to reduce the tossing and to turn features at night while sleeping.
  • They help in body weight distribution evenly; it supports the entire body correctly without putting any painful pressure.
  • Memory foam mattresses can recover injury-related healing process faster because the foam can put mild pressure on your affected area.


  • Few complaints about memory foam mattresses are also there.

Heating Issue

Few memory foam mattresses warm-up the body during nights, which can be soothing in the winter. However, it is not much ideal if you’re a warm sleeper by nature. Again, there are some memory foam mattresses that have a fast cooling system.

Harsh Chemicals

After the discovery of memory foam mattresses, different harmful chemicals like formaldehyde were used. These days due to governmental rules and public obligations, less harsh chemicals are found. Although we should always keep in mind that memory foam mattresses are not entirely eco-friendly in regards to natural mattresses.

The Quicksand Effect

Due to temper sensitive foam, memory foam mattresses also result in body sinking more than any other mattress. Many users have complained about coming out of the bed becomes difficult due to the quicksand trap effect.

How To Buy A Memory Foam Mattress?

While you invest in any memory foam mattress, there are few easy steps you can follow to understand which one to go for based on your requirement.

1) Try to choose High-Density Foam

Every memory foam mattress comes with its density information. Foams with high density for, eg, as 5-5.2 and above (2.27 kg) and especially 6-7lbs. (2.72 kg). So this kind of mattress can provide a good amount of firmness. Your body can get accustomed easily. The pain-relieving and mild pressure on the tender points can also be provided due to the thick foam. Hence, it should last for about 7-10 years. Depending on the durability, if you want to make your investment go for this kind of mattress. However, the dense foam mattresses are a bit expensive.

2) If you compromise with Medium Density Foam

Medium foam ranges between 4.1 to 5 lbs (1.82-2.28 kg), although they are comfortable. It can be durable for more than seven years only if you maintain well. Considering low in price as compared to a high-density foam mattress, it is also a good option.

3) Opting for Low-Density Mattress

 Foam with low density normally ranges 2 to 3.5 lb. (0.92-1.37 kg). Only if you lie down, you will be comfortable on these mattresses. You may also face issues of body sinking inside the mattress. Less durable as compared to a high dense/medium foam mattress. Average comfort can be achieved. Maximum it can last for 4-5 years approximately.

4) Go for Cooling memory foam mattresses

Usually, memory foam mattresses cause overheating as compared to other mattresses. Try to invest in a gel foam based memory mattress, which can help in accurate temperature control. These days many foam mattresses also come with cool ventilated top layers. These are also suitable for keeping your body cool while sleeping.

5) Choose Gel mattress

For better cooling effect and adequate support to your body, you can surely invest in a gel-infused memory foam mattresses. The supercooling gel layers absorb the heat of the body and give you a comfortable sleep at night.

6) Do invest in chemical-free mattresses

Always check before buying whether your mattress is free of harsh chemicals. Certipur US-based association checks the products, whether deprived of metals, ozone, dangerous gas, or not.

7) Select a bamboo cover protection

To protect you from allergies or dust, you can use a bamboo cover on your mattress.

8) Check the Reviews

Before purchasing the memory foam mattress, try to compare the prices online. Please check all the reviews related to the product. It will help you to get a fair idea of your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does memory foam mattress heat up faster?

It depends on the dense foam. Usually, it is seen compared to other mattresses; the memory foam mattresses cause overheating.

Can foam mattresses produce sweat?

No, you won’t sweat from a foam mattress. The foams cooling function keeps your body cool at night.

How can you get rid of any pungent smell coming out of your mattress?

You can keep your mattress upside down and let the air circulation happen smoothly. You can also use water and vinegar at a ratio of 2:1, allow it to dry. If required, you can also put some baking soda to remove pungent odor from your mattress.

Does Memory foam mattress come with a warranty?

Yes, for consumer benefits memory foam mattresses do comes with warranty. It can be 10-15 years depending on the brand you are purchasing your mattress from. However, these days, most brands provide a 100 day trial period offer. During this time, you can experience your mattress. If you don’t like your product, you can return to the manufacturers and get a full money refund.

How long can a memory foam mattress last?

Approximately for 7-10 years.

Is memory foam mattress suitable for back/knee pain?

Yes, amongst all mattresses, the memory foam mattress is best for pain support. It helps to provide a smooth relief to your pain. The firmness setting in a few mattresses can also help you to get a good sleep.

Which memory foam pillows are suitable for neck pain?

Any stiff pillow can increase neck pain. Few cervical pillows consisting of gentle and soft foam can be beneficial for neck pain. If you are a side sleeper, try to keep your spine up straight with the help of the pillow. This pillow can be positioned beneath your neck in regards to your head to give maximum comfort bedding experience.


There are many pointers which have been discussed before you can purchase the best suitable mattress. It is always advised to the users to go through all the market reviews for the product specifications so that they can get the best mattress for themselves. A memory foam mattress can surely help you with excellent support throughout your lifetime.

One of the best mattresses that use memory foam would definitely be the Hugo Mattress.

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