Noa Mattress: 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Many times we get confused while choosing the correct mattress for us. Mostly it is seen people can’t decide whether to go for pocket spring or foam layer mattress. To avoid such confusion, Noa has designed a supreme quality of hybrid mattress which can give you more than average edge support.

Noa Overview

Noa mattress is a new brand in the bedding industry but is resulting as a mighty contender amongst all. An excellent combination of natural latex and cooling memory foam is constructed to build the Noa mattress. Among all the sleepers, this mattress is gaining much popularity because of the presence of the medium-firm and affordable price. Friendly customer service is also another benefit edge. In this article, we will discuss the different features and characteristics of Noa mattresses to get a clear idea before investing in it.

Materials Used

Crafted by certified material blends to produce a supportive mattress for you. Intense pressure relief and fantastic support as well as keeping you fresh throughout the night sleep is the primary aim of Noa mattress. Upper Layer Natural latex with an open-cell technology is induced in the first layer of the mattress. It is hypoallergenic and can generate a small amount of bouncy natural effect. OEKO TEX certifies the coating, i.e., the mattress is deprived of heavy metals, pesticides, and chlorinated phenols.

Medium or Second Layer

A cooling gel is incorporated in the memory foam to generate a considerable amount of pressure to your pressure points. It helps in alleviating all kinds of body pain. This layer is designed to regulate a cooling temperature of the body by absorbing the excess heat transmitted from your body. The cooling foam technology helps in providing maximum comfort during your sleep and contours your body shape easily. The memory foam used in the mattress has been certified By Reach and is safe; without containing any chemicals.

Third Layer

A thick pocket system of spring coils has been designed in the third layer of Noa Mattress. Extreme durability and body support are achieved due to the presence of this thick gauged pocket springs. Helps in body alignment. In addition to this, the spring coils also help in regulating the airflow so that you don’t feel exhausted.

Cover Of The Mattress

The fabric used for the mattress cover is a mixture of pure cotton and polyester. The synthetic fibre quality of the fabric is very flexible and does not result in fast-shrinking or wrinkles. Another benefit of this cover is hypoallergenic and can fight against dust/bacteria nicely.

Right Amount Of Firmness

For a uniform balanced body, a medium-firm setting is chosen for this mattress by inserting three layers in the mattress. Like other traditional mattresses, Noa is a hybrid mattress with a bouncy effect caused due to spring coils present in it. Many online mattresses are either too firm or too soft. No mattress can be perfect for everyone. However, keeping in mind about different kinds of sleepers Noa has designed their mattress design in such a way that it can meet the entire requirement. A large number of users have rated the level of firmness measure in between 7-8 out of 10.

Back Sleeper

With the soft foam, the pocket spring coils are placed in the correct way to support the whole back of an individual for a more extended period. Hence spinal and hip alignment can be corrected well for back sleepers. Now if you have a preference towards sinking feel of the mattress, then you may find too much firmness of Noa for you. These all depend on your sleeping style and choice.

Side Sleeper

For anyone sleeping on their side tends to bend their spine and rest on their arms. Next morning often they face issues with numb arm or back pain. Noa has been constructed in a way, which can generate both overall support and soft feel to your body. The pocket spring bouncy feel can help in relieving too much pressure on your arm and keeps the blood flow usually. The mattress aligns the hips and shoulders entirely in the right position instead of sinking the entire body deeply.

Stomach Sleeper

The firmness setting of the mattress is super soft and cozy. It may not be much suitable for stomach sleepers as compared to back and side sleeping positions. It is mainly due to extreme firmness. Specifically, any stomach sleeper, if found lighter than an average individual, may find a bit discomfort while resting on their stomach. The bodyweight might sink inside the mattress.

Support Edge

More than any foam mattress, you will give a more supportive edge by Noa due to the correct placement of the spring coil pocket system. So it becomes easier for you to come out of your bed without sinking inside the whole mattress day. Natural latex also aids in the bounce effect and makes the surface spring come back in the position rapidly than any standard memory foam mattress.

Motion Transfer

Generally, whenever any mattress provides the best supportive edge, it results in partner disturbance. The presence of natural latex and memory foam in Noa solves the problem of partner disturbance quickly. Your partner can freely travel or move on the mattress while you sleep on the same. The high-grade coil system can prevent the annoying noise and vibrations caused due to any motion transfer. It means you won’t be getting disturbed much while any motion transfer is occurring on the mattress by your partner.

Weight And Thickness

Noa mattresses are thicker and heavier as compared to any other mattress. Of course, you will require some help while you try to transfer it from one room to another. The memory foam mattress is substantial due to the existence of the spring coils in it. For a queen-sized bed approximately it weighs till 47-47.8kgs.  Noa is shipped to you in a wrapped box by the manufacturers. Once you unbox it, you will notice the mattress will take 30 -35 secs to expand fully. Within 2-3 days more you might see more expansion, which will lead to a thickness of 23 centimetres approximately.

Cost Of Noa

As compared to other hybrid mattresses, Noa is a bit expensive for your budget. It is due to the high-grade materials used in the construction of the mattress like Tencel fabric and natural latex foam. For a queen size, it comes under $1000, which is a good deal.

A detailed price list has been mentioned below:

King Noa Mattress: $1199

Queen Noa Mattress: $1099

Double Noa Mattress: $999

King Single Noa Mattress: $899

Single Noa Mattress: $799

Unboxing Mattress

Check out this unboxing video

  • First and foremost keep the box in the room where you will use your mattress.
  • Then you can place the flat box surface of the floor and take out the mattress from the welcome kit.
  • Tear or slide away the upper plastic layer to release the mattress towards the end of the bed.
  • Lastly, be very careful while cutting the protective plastic wrapped around the mattress. Once you remove the plastic, the mattress will start expanding as the air will begin entering inside.
  • Within 30-60 seconds, the mattress will expand fully and will be ready to use.

To get more comfort, you can let the expansion of the mattress for 2-3 days more.

Back Pain

Noa proves to be a healthy option for those individuals who suffer from spinal augment due to extreme comfortable layers and medium firmness.


An amazing cooling effect is produced by the Tencel, natural latex, and cooling gel foam. All these work together to form the airy coil system which absorbs the inner heat of an individual’s body.

Trial Period & Warranty

The manufacturers provide a trial period of 100 risk-free nights to all the customers from the date of purchase. During the trial period, if the customers don’t like the product, they can apply for a free return to get a money refund. A long extended warranty for 15 years is also added for customer benefits.


Easy and free delivery of Noa mattresses is done across Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. After ordering the mattress, you can expect the delivery within 3-5 days. You can enjoy the 100 free nights trial once it arrives at your house.

Key Features

  • Three layering mattress
  • 1st layer- Natural Latex with dense memory foam
  • 2nd layer- Cooling technology-induced layer
  • 3 rd layer -spring coil system placed
  • Hypoallergenic and dust-free cover
  • Polyester based cover
  • Soft in nature
  • Comfortable medium-firm mattress
  • Hybrid mattress
  • Weight 47-47.8kgs queen size
  • Height- 23cm
  • Expands after arrival
  • Excellent customer service
  • Suitable for all sleepers – especially side and back sleepers
  • Brilliant design
  • 100 risk-free night trial
  • 15 years of added warranty
  • Free shipping Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore
  • Certified product


  • Noa mattresses are suitable for the different sleeping style
  • The open cell technology adds the cooling effect of the individuals
  • Helps in spinal and body alignment correctly
  • The spring coil designed helps in orthopedic benefits also
  • Excellent durability for an extended period


  • Not much suitable for stomach sleepers who are low in size than average weight. The mattress has a soft firm which results in sinking the body, especially the stomach area. A bit expensive as compared to other hybrid mattress or memory foam mattresses. It is due to the superior quality of natural latex and foam. The Noa mattress is heavier in weight, and it is not possible for a single individual to move it from one place to another. So portability is an issue.


Does Noa have any retail showroom for selling their products?

Noa believes in supporting an individual’s privacy. Hence the company wants all the sleepers to try their comfort sleep at their home. They entertain no new showroom or salesman cost. So, Noa provides free shipping and 100 nights free trial.

From when the trial night starts?

The 100 risk-free trial night service for the mattress starts from the date of purchase and not from order date.

What happens if you don’t like the product during 100 trial nights?

Once you purchase Noa, the mattress night free trial 100 days starts. In case you don’t like the mattress during this period, you can contact the manufacturers and return the mattress. After returning, you will get a full money refund without any questions.
Only thing advised by the company is to try the mattress at least for the first30 days because it takes some time for an individual to adjust with the new mattress.

What happens to the returned mattresses?

Noa never believes in reselling used products. Once you return the mattress, it will be donated to charitable organizations or needy peoples.

What about the 15-year warranty?

You will start getting the extended warranty of 15 years on Noa mattress from the date of delivery at your doorstep. If you invest in the product from Noa Sleep directly, then the warranty might extend. All Noa Sleep product warranty can never be transferred and is limited only to the original buyer.

Where is Noa manufactured?

The Noa mattress is manufactured in Canada, sticking to the superior quality standards in the bedding industry. All the physical components used in this mattress have been certified by OEKO Tex Standard 100, REACH Certified and SGS.

What should be the ideal set up for Noa mattress?

Any flat surface is suitable for Noa mattress. The company mentions NO specific designs of any bed type. You can choose any uniform bed frame to fit in your new mattress.

Can you use any mattress protector?

Yes, you can. Any water-resistant mattress protector on your new Noa product can enhance your comfort while sleeping.

What should be the size of the bedsheet?

Any regular sized bed sheet would be compatible with Noa mattress

What are the exact dimensions of the Noa mattress?

Single: 91cm x 190cm x 27cm
Super Single: 107cm x 190cm x 27cm
Queen: 152cm x 190cm x 27cm
King: 183cm x 190cm x 27cm

Is the cover of the mattress washable

The cover used on the Noa mattress is non-detachable. The company suggests using a mattress protector to prevent dust or liquid spills. If you want, you can choose mild detergent dabbing or spot clean. Drying the mattress before using is essential.

How much weight is suitable for Noa mattress?

For queen size Noa mattress, an individual weighing 272 kg can fit in comfortably.

How to understand which size would be sufficient for the mattress?

Single Advised for children or young adults. The space of this sized mattress is very narrow
Double – It has a considerable amount of space for one but does not fit in two people.
Queen – Recommended for two adults with an ample space
King- Mainly for adults who prefer more space across the bed both in length and width.
Explore al the different Australian mattress sizes.

Is returning an item free or chargeable?

As of the moment of writing a 100-night trial is assured to all the customers who purchase Noa mattress. In this context, please note every customer gets the 100-night free return and refund for single (1) mattress as per one shipping address.

Return requests are made after the trial period, and each of such cases is being reviewed. It might not involve any extra cost. For more information, please contact customer care.


Selecting a mattress according to the needs and requirements is a difficult task. Noa is a new brand in the bedding industry, which is getting its recognition due to medium firmness, affordable price, and distinctive three supportive layering layers. Please ensure to go through all the reviews and invest in this mattress to meet your demands. Or when you already know that the Noa Mattress is the one for you, you can buy it here with a discount!

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