Pocket Spring Mattress – Enjoy A Comfortable Sleep

Most of the people who are looking for mattresses that are of good quality and are durable will opt for pocket spring mattresses. Pocket spring mattresses have individual pocket springs where each of the pocket springs will be enclosed within the fabric pocket. Every spring would work independently whenever some pressure is applied to the area. This is one of the significant reasons why it provides excellent response and support whenever a person is sleeping on it.

Motion isolation is one of the prime benefits of pocket spring mattresses as each of the pockets will work individually to provide support to the body.  Even if your partner is of different weight or is turning and tossing the entire night still, it wouldn’t disturb you. Different types of pocket spring mattresses are available in the market. Here is a guide that will help you to narrow down your options and pick the right one.

Types Of Pocket Spring Mattress

Memory pocket spring and latex foam mattress infused pocket spring mattresses are available in the market. Here is a guide about each of them.

Latex Foam Infused Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket spring mattresses are available in different types. Enhanced support and proper contouring are the two features that every pocket spring mattress must provide. If the mattress is accompanied with hypoallergenic latex foam, then it will help in keeping the dust mites and molds at bay.

If a pocket spring mattress has latex mattress foam in it, then it is very suitable for sensitive adults and children. The open cell structure is used in this mattress to enhance the breathability factor and for keeping the mattress fresh. One can opt for the encased springs as well because they promote proper weight distribution to facilitate undisturbed and uninterrupted night s sleep.

Memory Foam Infused Pocket Spring Mattress

Memory foam Infused pocket spring mattresses have a soft firmness and which is why most of the people opt for this type of mattress. A mattress with memory foam will always provide better contouring to your body and will also respond appropriately with the heat of the sleeper’s body. Memory foam will help in proper distribution of weight and which is why one will feel relaxed and relieved from stress because it can assist pressure points.

When the mattress is coupled with an open-cell structure, then it will promote a cooling sensation, and it is a real innovation. Compared to the latex foam, memory foam mattress induces better weight distribution and thereby provides more advantages in terms of motion separation along with contouring to the body shape.

With the help of superior material and advanced technology, these two categories of pocket spring mattresses are providing comfort and durability.

Contrasting And Comparing Open Coil And Pocket Spring Mattress

Purchasing of mattress is said to be a long term investment and which is why a person needs to invest their time and effort to make the right choice. Several options are available in the market when it comes to a pocket spring mattress. Pocket spring mattress has always been a great choice because it provides ultimate comfort.

●    The process of manufacturing of pocket spring mattress will include sewing of individual spring into different pockets which are made of fabric. This is a primary reason why pocket spring mattress can provide better comfort and support when compared to open or continuous coil mattress.

●    The wireframe is used in Open Coil Mattresses for placing every spring alongside one another. So a single unit will represent the entire spring in the open coil mattress. This increases the chances of motion transfer with the person with whom you are sharing the mattress. Pocket spring mattress has been created for countering this drawback. Here the spring will work individually to ensure that your partner is sleeping undisturbed.

●    Pocket spring mattresses or pocket coil promote better sleeping even if you are sharing a bed with someone else. Sleeping posture will be maintained when you are using the pocket spring mattress as it has more springs when compared to the Open Coil Mattress.

Benefits Of Pocket Spring Mattress

Several reasons will support the fact that the pocket spring mattress is exceptional for sleeping, and which is why it is trendy. So the benefits that one will get by investing in pocket spring mattresses are listed below:

Motion Isolation

Pocket spring mattresses provide excellent motion isolation. Here the weight of the sleeper will not get distributed evenly across the mattress’s surface, but every pocket spring will react independently. This is one of the significant reasons why it can facilitate a good night’s sleep. Supreme motion isolation is provided so even if you jump or toss or turn the entire night; it will keep your partner undisturbed.


It is quite a hard task to replicate the firmness level that pocket spring mattresses provide. One can encounter a consistent tension because of the pocket springs that are individually enclosed. This is one of the influential reasons why sleeping on the pocket spring mattress is so comfortable.

Pressure And Pain Relief

A mattress that will be too hard or too soft on your body will cause a lot of discomfort to your body. Every individual spring of pocket spring mattresses will act individually to support the bodyweight like shoulders and hips. This is the reason why it will ensure surpassing support. Most of the orthopedic patients are recommended to use pocket spring mattresses to treat their shoulder or hip problems.

Extreme Comfort

Pocket mattresses are also high-end mattresses that come with an upper layer of luxurious foam that will make the mattress feel soft. One can expect a comfortable sleep if they can purchase the pocket spring mattress. The mattress will keep on adjusting with the curves of your body, and it will provide you with the ultimate support.

Supports The Different Sizes And Shapes

According to the construction of a pocket spring mattress, it can sustain the bodyweight of nearly everyone. It is going to ensure the perfect level of comfort, even if people of different shapes and sizes are sleeping on the mattress. Pocket spring mattresses have a great ability to adjust and contour with the curves of your body. Still not sure about the size? Checkout all the different Australian mattress sizes.


Whenever a person is maintaining and taking care of the pocket spring mattress, then it can last for more than a decade. It is true that pocket spring mattresses are pricey, difficult to move from one place to another, and are not so much advertised in the market. One can say that this mattress is best in the industry. Pocket spring mattress will offer comfortability and luxury. All the budget-conscious clients will find this mattress to be a significant investment that they can enjoy for several decades.

Pocket Spring Count In Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket Spring Count refers to the total number of Pocket Springs or coil springs that are present in the mattress. Most of the reputed pocket spring mattresses will come with pocket spring that will range from 800 to 3600. To compare whether the pocket spring count is enough for not the number used in the king-size mattresses of pocket, the spring variant is used for comparison.

If you are selecting a mattress that has 2000 pocket spring, then it will indicate the total number of pocket spring that is present in the king-size pocket spring mattress of that model. If you are purchasing a single size, then it will contain a lesser number of pocket springs.

Things To Know Before Buying Pocket Spring Mattress

Bad Back: If you are a patient who is suffering from the back problem, then a pocket spring mattress is the right choice for you. Pocket spring mattress will help in correcting the spinal alignment while you are sleeping. Apart from that, layers of comfort, mattress firmness, and other factors are also necessary.

Firmness: Different types of mattresses with different firmness options are available when you are opting for pocket spring mattresses. It will provide you with six firmness ranges. You can take mattresses that come with soft, soft to medium, medium, medium to firm, firm, and extra firmness. Most of the pocket spring mattresses will provide with even firm mattress level.

Worth It: Pocket spring mattress is an excellent investment because it is durable, and it is unique for different types of sleepers. With the help of individual spring pockets, it will provide better contouring with the curves of your body.

Spring Count: Before you are purchasing a pocket spring mattress, it is imperative to ask about the spring count. Spring count will determine whether the mattress will be comfortable enough and will provide you with super contouring. The spring count will increase with the size of the mattress.

Cost: Pocket Spring Mattresses are available at different prices. The size and the brand will determine the price tag. It will start as low as $100, and it will rise to $2000 if you opt for the king-size mattress.

Trial: Whenever you are purchasing a pocket spring mattress, make sure it is providing you with a trial period of at least a hundred nights. Within this trial period, you will have to analyze whether the mattress is comfortable enough or not. One must check whether it is appropriately filling its claims or not. If you are not satisfied with the product, then you must opt for a full refund.

Warranty: Pocket spring mattresses are very durable, but you must opt for a mattress that is going to offer you with a warranty period of at least three years. Within three years, the mattress company must provide you with any repair and replacement related to the mattress.

Allergen-Free: If you opt for the pocket spring mattress with latex foam, then it will be hypoallergenic. It is not only allergen-free, but it will also keep the molds and dust mites away from the mattress.

Comfort: Pocket spring mattress is exceptionally comfortable because individual spring pocket will work on different pressure points of your body. It will always try to refrain the absorption of pressure and promote reflection of strength.

Air Circulation: Most of the pocket spring mattress will come with open-cell structure. The technology of open cell structure promotes proper air circulation and improves the breathability factor. It reduces the accumulation of sweat on the sleeper’s body.

Motion Isolation: Pocket Spring Mattress is excellent when it comes to motion isolation. Even if you are tossing and turning on one side of the bed, it will keep your partner on the other side undisturbed and uninterrupted.

Durability: It is said that the strength of the pocket spring mattress is impressive. A pocket spring mattress is capable of lasting more than a decade because of the material used in the manufacturing of the mattress.


Will this mattress helps in relieving pain?

Yes, most of the orthopedics have already recommended pocket spring mattresses to people who are suffering from shoulder and back pain. The spring pocket will work individually and which is why it helps in providing proper relief to all the pressure points of your body.

How effective is this cooling system of this mattress?

Open-cell structure technology is used in all the pocket spring mattresses. Proper air circulation and the breathability factor will be enhanced because of this feature. The sleeper will feel fresh throughout the night because it helps to refrain the sweat from getting accumulated on the skin of the sleeper.

What is the trial period of this mattress?

Pocket spring mattress must come with a trial period of a hundred nights. The comfort level of a mattress can only be judged after using it for a definite period.

Will it efficiently perform motion isolation?

Yes, pocket spring mattresses are great when it comes to motion isolation. Each of springs will act individually and which is why it will not disturb the other person with whom you are sharing the bed.

Can you compressor mattress if it is opened from the box?

No, it is challenging to compress the mattress again and put it back into the box after unpacking it. The mattress will keep on expanding until all the air that is trapped inside it goes out. For compressing it again, it will require some advanced tools; otherwise, it is not possible.

What is the warranty period?

Most of the pocket spring mattresses will come with a warranty period of 3 years. It is always advised to refrain from purchasing mattresses that will have a warranty period lesser than this. During this warranty period, all the repair and replacement of the mattresses will be resolved by the mattress company.

How long will pocket spring mattress last?

The pocket spring mattress is very durable and which is why it can serve you for more than a decade if you can take proper care and do proper maintenance.

Is the mattress suitable for any bed?

Yes, the mattress is suitable for any bed. Make sure you are purchasing the mattress that will fit appropriately with the size of the bed. Otherwise, it will induce discomfort. One can also place the mattress on the flat floor surface if they don’t have any bed.

What is the use of a hybrid pocket spring mattress?

In the hybrid pocket spring mattress micro springs will be combined with latex or memory foam to maximize the effect of every material. A proper base for the support and bounce will be provided if you are using a hybrid pocket spring mattress. The hybrid pocket spring mattress is great for sleepers who want to feel balanced. This mattress is much better when compared to the internal spring design or foam design.

What type of sleeper should use a pocket spring mattress?

Till now, there has not been any generalization of the types of sleepers that can use the pocket spring mattress. According to research, most of the people who bought the pocket spring mattresses were back sleepers. Pocket spring mattress provides excellent support and comfort and can relieve back pain. That is why people who prefer the back sleeping position are more inclined towards purchasing this type of mattress.


Here is a complete guide that will help you to understand how pocket spring mattresses are rapidly getting popularity. If you are someone who wants to have a comfortable, undisturbed sleep, then this is the right mattress for you. Many brands are there that will provide you with pocket spring mattresses that are infused with other qualities as well. Do your research to compare and contrast each of the pocket spring mattresses to pick the right one.

Investing in buying mattresses is a considerable investment, and one must know every function of a mattress before purchasing. Rolled together or rolled off the feeling that is provided by the pocket spring mattresses is quite popular. The comfort and support offered by pocket spring mattresses are unmatchable. When you want a good pocket spring mattress the Noa mattress is the right mattress for you.

Still not sure about what kind of mattress? You can also checkout our pages about the memory foam mattress or latex mattress. Or you can read about the best mattress in Australia if you want to know which our experts think is the best.