Sommuto Mattress: 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Most of the times, mattress shopping becomes a confusing and hard task for all of us. While investing in any mattress, there are many simple things which we often forget and compromise with lesser benefits. Here, in this article, we are presenting a detailed review of a mattress named Sommuto, which is highly suitable bedding item for various sleepers.

Sommuto Overview

A mattress designed with multiple numbers of layers to provide an ample amount of comfort to the sleeper. A subtle blend of gel, intense memory foam keeps you fresh throughout your cozy sleep. If anyone is struggling from back pain, try Sommuto mattress for quick relief. High-quality memory foam has been used in this pocket spring mattress. Wholly eco-friendly and hypoallergenic in nature. A slight higher side on your budget but a real asset that you can gift yourself.

 Here, in this article, let’s discuss in details about the characteristics of Sommuto mattress before you are planning for your investment on this.

Feel On Sommuto Mattress

The combination of three foam layers has resulted in the firmness at the centre of the mattress. A balanced foam is induced in the mattress to give a smooth feel on it. The less sinkage happens due to the existence of soft memory foam, which is again durable. The Sommuto company ensures an excellent support base for both solo sleepers and couples.

Back Sleeper   

Back sleepers tend to put pressure on their hips and lower back or maybe entire spine while sleeping. At one point in time, they face spinal issues. Keeping this in mind, the design of the mattress has been built. Any average weighed individual who is a back sleeper can comfortably align his spine, hip, and lower back with the mattress. It can be very beneficial for posture correction or maybe back pain relief if anything persists.

Side Sleeper

Usually, side sleepers face issues with numb hands or frozen shoulders or neck due to their sleeping position. The base foam layer helps the side sleepers to align their shoulders properly. Hence if you rest on your arms while sleeping, blood circulation can be at a reasonable pace. Side sleepers won’t face any cramps on their hands or feel any pressure on their shoulder the next morning.

Stomach Sleeper

The right cushioning is placed on the mattress. Due to the centre firmness, the stomach sleepers never have to fear about excess shrinkage of their body, especially stomach area inside the mattress.

Important Note:

Different people have different sleeping habits. Based on these sleeping methods, many users have opined that individuals with broad back or side sleeping styles are enormously benefitted with this brand. It is because of the firmness level. For a few stomachs, sleepers may require an extra topper to add the height of the cushion on the mattress to grip well. However, everyone has stated the durable support edge, and soft feel of the mattress is incredible. It prevents deep sink, and you won’t fall from the mattress no matter what size your body looks like.

Support Edge

When you sit on the mattress, you might sink more. The response of the memory foam is slow in comparison to a standard foam mattress. The support base lowers down because of its weight. When you want to come out of bed, you may find it hard because of the firmness. The edge support could have been improved; however, you can try it during the trial period time and check.

Motion Transfer

Sommuto is designed with less or no motion transfer at all. Hence when you sleep beside your partner, no movements can disturb your sleep. A spring mattress can never absorb the shock/movement like the foam mattresses can do.

Construction & Built

Uniform construction and excelled quality materials are used for designing the Sommuto mattresses. It helps in providing great support, comfort, and firmness to every sleeper.

Upper Layer

Three layering foam is induced while making the design of the mattress. The first layer consists of a gel-infused memory foam which can soak the body heat and helps to provide a refreshing sleep at night. The cooling gel accurately keeps the air circulation proper. Another benefit of the dense foam is to alleviate the pain by putting absolute pressure on your body pressure points. It never compresses rapidly as compared to other traditional foam mattresses.

Second Layer

An additional supportive layer to the first layer is made up of superior quality, supportive foam. It helps in aligning the whole body posture correctly during your movements while you are sleeping at night. The soothing layer removes excess heat and moisture from the body. Helps in forming a proper supportive base for the sleepers. Besides, the layer texture also improves the air movement correctly through different layers in the mattress.

Third Layer

The last wrapping layer is made up of breathable and washable material. Crafted with Tempright fabric is highly suitable to cope up with Australia’s varying climate. The stretchable smooth fabric comprised of Thermatex technology. It is highly heat resistant when you sleep and removes it when you start cooling down. The cover is exceptionally beneficial during seasonal climates and sleepers who tend an overheating. Usually available in grey and white colour. A diamond pattern is designed on the upper part of the mattress fabric.

Weight Of The Mattress

As compared to any other spring mattress, it is easy to move/shift Sommuto mattress. It arrives in a compressed box at your doorstep. However, it is on the heavier side as compared to regular foam mattresses. It is because of the existence of dense foam and memory foam base. Sommuto doesn’t aid you with any moving assistance of the mattress. If you select a preferred location regarding delivery, the guys will come at drop the mattress to you on the exact location. After every three months, it is advised to move or rotate the mattress.

Size & Weight

Single Dimensions    188 x 92 x 26cm

Single Weight (kg)    18

King Single Dimensions    203 x 107 x 26cm

King Single Weight (kg)    22

Double Dimensions    188 x 138 x 26cm

Double Weight (kg)    28

Queen Dimensions    203 x 153 x 26cm

Queen Weight (kg)    32

King Dimensions    203 x 183 x 26cm

King Weight (kg)    38

Read all about the different sizes of mattresses here.

Thickness Of The Mattress

Sommuto is designed with an average thickness than other foam mattresses. When expanded, the mattress reaches the thickness level up to 26cm approximately. This thickness is ideal for support bed base and gives ample comfort to all kinds of sleepers. The mattress can be placed on any flat surface bedding frame easily or even on the flat flooring. While keeping the mattress, only keep in mind that there are gaps of about 8-10cm (not more than that) in between the slats.

Price Summary

When you compare the costing of any foam mattress with spring mattress, you will see the former is always twice or thrice expensive than the later. Sommuto offers an excellent value price as regards to any traditional foam mattress. When compared to foam mattresses, Sommutois on the higher budget scale. The prime reason being the superior quality and high-end foam used in the mattress. No Sommuto mattress is constructed with any foreign materials in Australia.

A price list of the Sommuto mattress is as shown below:

Pricing Summary

Single       $699

King Single $799

Double       $899

Queen        $949

King         $1049

Warranty And Trial Period

Sommuto comes to you in a compressed box involving no shipping cost. Once it arrives, a trial period is granted for 100 nights. During these 100 risk-free night sleep, you can enjoy your mattress at extreme, and if you don’t end up loving it, free return to the company is granted. In addition to this, an extended warranty of 10 years is also provided by the manufacturers.

Things That Warranty Does Not Include

If the mattress is found dirty and in messed up condition.  No replacement or repair will be done.

Any damage caused to the mattress physically.  It is specifically mentioned that the space between the slat surfaces should be 10 cm. Damages caused by faulty timber or metal slats are excluded from warranty list.

If the base system does not give any considerable support to your mattress, especially on the centre, it might result in damage.

Mishandling the mattress which includes tear, negligence by folding or bending the mattress are not covered under any warranty.

If the mattress has been used for other purpose and not for the purpose it is intended for; then the company won’t take any responsibility of the mattress.

Key Features   

  • Australian bedding brand
  • Memory support foam mattress
  • The trial period of 100 nights
  • An extended warranty – 10 years
  • Center Firmness (Medium – soft)
  • Three layering bedding
  • Gel-infused foam
  • Supportive dense base
  • Cooling effect
  • Durable high density
  • Eco-friendly
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Temp-right cover
  • Height – 26cm
  • Heavyweight
  • Customer-friendly
  • Less partner disturbance
  • Suitable for side and back sleepers
  • Affordable price range


  • Helps to keep the body cool by absorbing the body heat and moisture nicely
  • Excellent design and amazing materials used which can suit the changing climate of Australia
  • Helps in providing a great supportive base
  • Correct firmness level
  • An overall comfortable mattress


  • Sommuto is on the heavier side. Hence, it is not much suitable for portability feature. It is a bit hard for a single individual to move it to other places.
  • The mattress has a good support base. However, it is not much suitable for stomach sleepers.


1) Why is Sommuto not available in retail shops?

Sommuto doesn’t indulge in any extra cost to showroom or salesman. The company firmly believes that customers should directly get the mattress at affordable rates. So, the mattresses are available online.

2) Where is Sommuto mattress manufactured?

All the Sommuto mattresses are manufactured in Australia

3) What are the materials used in the Sommuto mattress?

High-class polyurethane foams are used to manufacture the Sommuto mattress. Designed in three layers. Memory foam for releasing all the back pain, gel-infused foam for cooling air circulation and a base layer for providing extreme high-density support.

4) Can you use an electric blanket on Sommuto mattress?

You can use the electric mattress on it. However, the company does not recommend anything. If you are willing to use an electric mattress, then it is advised to contact the blanket manufacturers to check compatibility with the Sommuto mattress.

5) Can you use a mattress protector?

For cleaning and hygienic purpose, you can use a mattress protector. You have to keep in mind the material or fabric used as a mattress protector can give a different feel on your mattress.

6) Is Sommuto safe?

While designing the mattress, the manufacturers have not used any harmful mercury or lead or formaldehyde. All the Sommuto mattresses are low in VOC. A good quality co2 foaming technology is induced to manufacture these mattresses which can again be recycled.

7) How does a 100 day trial period work?

Once you purchase the mattress, a free 100 days trial period is granted to you. During this period, you can get accustomed quickly with the mattress and check the comfortability. If you don’t like it, you can get a full refund after returning the mattress.

8) Within how many days can you get the mattress after your order?

– 3 days for deliveries in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney metropolitan areas
– 3 – 5 days for Adelaide, Hobart & Perth
– 4 – 5 days for all regional areas
At Sommuto we are working at a 4 hour delivery on metropolitan areas for Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney
Find out more here.

9) Is shipping free or involves charge?

Sommuto provides free shipping at your doorstep.


Investing in mattresses can be a hard decision. Innumerable bedding products available in the market and online. When you want to spend on Sommuto mattress, make sure to check your own needs as well. The extensive built of 3 layers, air cooling feature are some of the advantages of the mattress at affordable rates. Again the mattress can’t serve the purpose well for stomach sleepers. Hence when you invest on this mattress, kindly go through the reviews well to satisfy your demands.

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